New R2L Radiation Buster Limits Cell Phone Radiation

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New R2L Radiation Buster microprocessor converts radiation from cell phone and smart phones to harmless light.

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R2L Radiation Buster

The idea of reducing cell phone radiation with the R2L by such significant amounts is extremely appealing.

R2L today announces that its new R2L Radiation Buster device, a paper-thin microprocessor that reduces cell phone and smart phone radiation by as much as 70%, is now available to consumers. The R2L automatically converts radiation from mobile phones into electricity then discharges the electricity as harmless light. By attaching the R2L to the back of your cell phone, smart phone or case, you can reduce your exposure to radiation without holding the phone away from your ear as directed in most cell phone manuals.

The R2L is tested in accordance with FCC-approved SAR (Specific Absorption of Radiation) testing methods and does not affect call quality or clarity. The R2L is compatible with many cell phones and smart phones including the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia and Motorola Droid.

The R2L is also simple to install. First, locate the correct placement recommended for your phone at Place the R2L on the back of the phone itself or on your phone case by carefully peeling away the adhesive backing from the R2L, lowering the R2L into position and gently pressing down along both lengths. If the phone is on, the R2L will immediately begin converting radiation to electricity and will emit light—so you can see it working.

“Although all mobile phone radiation levels currently comply with FCC exposure limits, no one really knows what the prolonged effects of cell phone use are over time,” says Jordan Stanley of R2L. “Our phones constantly emit small doses of radiation whenever they’re on. As they become more and more powerful and are increasingly integrated into our lives, the idea of reducing cell phone radiation with the R2L by such significant amounts is extremely appealing.”

The R2L has an SRP of $19.99 and is currently doing an introductory offer for two R2L units for the price of one; it is currently available for purchase at or 877-643-2172.

About R2L Radiation Buster

R2L is a paper-thin microprocessor that reduces up to 70% of the radiation emitted by cell phones or smart phones while in use. The R2L attaches to the back of the phone or case, converts radiation into electricity and then discharges the electricity as harmless light—without affecting call quality or clarity. For more information, please visit R2L, Radiation-to-Light.

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