Yumi Media Releases a Statement on Favorite Space Food of Astronauts

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Following an article about how shrimp cocktail is a favorite food among astronauts in space, Yumi Media releases a statement.

On April 11, Yumi Media, a food website devoted to delivering the latest and greatest in food news, recipes, and products to incorporate into your own healthy lifestyle, responds to an article published on The Atlantic by Megan Garber, regarding how NASA has teams dedicated to manufacturing foods for astronauts that will provide the maximum nutrition, without being inedible.

According to The Atlantic article, without gravity, astronauts have a harder time tasting food because the taste buds in the tongue are affected. Blood is pulled toward the feet, making an astronauts head swell. The effects are similar to having a bad cold. The results are clogged sinuses, which affect the taste buds.

The article goes on to mention that the team at NASA has developed different foods over the last several years. These foods included types that can be placed in cubes, tubes, made into a powder, and even foods that have the potential to be rehydrated. NASA has even released things like steak, peanut butter cookies, and apple sauce.

The article states that, “And yet, for all that work, there is one culinary product that has proven, year in and year out, a particular favorite of extra-terrestrial diners: shrimp cocktail. Yep, shrimp cocktail. The mainstay of 1950s haute cuisine, not so much fanned in a goblet as rehydrated in a pouch. The best space food that space food technology has yet developed -- sorry, Tang -- is, apparently, cooked shrimp, shells and tails removed, swimming in a tomato-esque sauce.” Astronauts tend to favor the shrimp cocktail because of the sauce. The sauce is spicy, and helps to wake up the taste buds of astronauts.

“It’s interesting to think how important it is for food to taste good,” says Yumi Media representative Justin Maas. “Like everyone else, it’s imperative for astronauts to get all the nutrition they need. If they are provided food that they actually enjoy, it makes it easier for them to get that nutrition. Even in space, things need to taste good. Maybe one day astronauts will even have a vegetarian option, like Quorn, on their long trips into space. “

Yumi Media is a food website devoted to delivering the latest and greatest in food news, recipes, and products to incorporate into your own healthy lifestyle. Launched in 2012, Yumi Media was founded by a group of friends as a way to explore their mutual love of food while sharing that love with the community at large. Whether you’re looking for something cutting-edge, like Quorn, or comfort food like mom used to make or something in between, Yumi Media is your one-stop resource.

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