Yumi Media Releases a Comment on Six Things You Need to Know About Food Allergies

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Following an article highlighting six things you should know about food allergies, Yumi Media releases a statement.

On April 15, Yumi Media, a food website devoted to delivering the latest and greatest in food news, recipes, and products to incorporate into your own healthy lifestyle, responds to an article published on ABC News by Dr. Samreen Hasan regarding six things people should know when they are dealing with a food allergy.

According to the ABC News article, every year up to 200 people who have a food allergy die from a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis. In order to help avoid suffering from anaphylaxis and other food allergy-related issues, there are six things people who have a food allergy should know.

  • Understand what a food allergy is - A food allergy is when the immune system overreacts to a protein find in certain foods. Symptoms can occur with just a tiny amount of exposure to the specific protein.
  • Getting diagnosed with food allergies - Food allergies are diagnosed in younger children but can still appear in adults. Some children will eventually outgrow their food allergies as they get older.
  • The symptoms of food allergies - An allergic reaction can occur within minutes of eating the specific food. Symptoms can range from hives and itchy skin, to something more severe, like vomiting or anaphylaxis.
  • How to tell if you have food allergies - If you experience any symptoms after eating something, make sure to see an allergist. An allergist performs specific tests to discover which foods you’re allergic to.
  • How to prevent food allergies - Data has linked breast feeding for the first four to six months of a child’s life to helping reduce the risk of food allergies in the child. However, If you already have a food allergy, the simplest way to avoid symptoms is to avoid the trigger food.
  • Living with food allergies - Individuals living with a food allergy sometimes live with a fear of an allergic reaction. You should focus on enjoying what you can eat, while trying to avoid what you can’t.

Yumi Media representative Justin Maas knows how important it is for people who have a food allergy to watch what they eat. “It can be tough dealing with a food allergy, especially when allergic to certain proteins. A product like Quorn can be a great substitute for those who need to take something out of their diet, but still want something that tastes great.”

Yumi Media is a food website devoted to delivering the latest and greatest in food news, recipes, and products to incorporate into your own healthy lifestyle. Launched in 2012, Yumi Media was founded by a group of friends as a way to explore their mutual love of food while sharing that love with the community at large. Whether you’re looking for something cutting-edge, like Quorn, or comfort food like mom used to make or something in between, Yumi Media is your one-stop resource.

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