Skin Care Regimens from Obagi Nu-Derm and Somme Institute – Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today recommending comprehensive skin care regimens from clinical brands Obagi and Somme Institute

Because the skin is the body’s largest organ, most doctors agree that proper skin care is crucial in maintaining good health. For those who suffer from common skin conditions, this is especially true. Common issues such as breakouts, wrinkles and discoloration require a full regimen in order to experience improvements and maintain results over time. In the latest article from Beauty Research, beauty experts recommend regimens from Obagi Nu-Derm and Somme Institute. Both brands have clinical backing, reassuring consumers looking for trusted formulations.

Addressing common skin issues requires a full commitment to better personal care. Brands like Obagi and Somme Institute offer full regimens as well as specialized treatments in order to promote healthy skin and reduce the chances of further issues. Clinical brands are often recommended by dermatologists since they perform thorough testing and back their claims with clear evidence. Which products are recommended the most? Which formulations get high marks from the experts and Beauty Research? To find out, visit or click

Anyone can experience nostalgia when it comes to popular culture. Old TV shows, movies and even magazines can bring about a trip down memory lane. Classic beauties of the past and present have shaped the entertainment world and in turn, the daily lives of millions. Where are the beauties of past decades now? Which leading ladies made the most impact on American culture? Which actresses and models got the most recognition from the editors at Beauty Research? To find out, visit or click

While food is both the source of necessary nutrition as well as an enjoyable meal, overeating is a common problem made worse by stress. Not only can stress cause people to eat too much, it can also cause the body to store extra fat. Cortisol, a chemical produced by the body, is often responsible for extra fat stores. Which common foods are effective at reducing the effects of cortisol? Which foods promote good health while aiding with weight management? To find out, visit or click

In the past, men have been notorious for neglecting hygiene. Times have changed and now there is more demand for men’s grooming products. While many men are now looking for solutions to their aging skin and thinning hair, most shy away from products formulated for women. Which brands cater to male consumers, formulating their products for the unique needs of men? Which products are most recommended by male shoppers as well as the experts at Beauty Research?
To find out, visit or click

For many women, shopping for shoes is both a necessity and an enjoyable ritual. However, many women find themselves making poor decisions and bringing home shoes that rarely, if ever, get worn. What should every woman know before heading out the door to shop for shoes? What are some tips for avoiding impulse buying? How can women set themselves up for success and ensure they are getting the best quality for a reasonable price? To find out, visit or click
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