Masters Tournament Opens the Door for New Era of Golf

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Augusta National and the Masters Tournament have long stood for maintaining golf’s traditions and integrity. Like most other sports it is evident that the time has come to utilize video technology to ensure fairness and integrity according to The Security Product Depot.

Augusta National Home of the Masters

And to me, it would have been grossly unfair to Tiger to have disqualified him after our committee had made that decision.

As reported this weekend by many media sources ranging from CBS, and the Washington Post to The Sporting News, Tiger Woods was given a two stroke penalty rather than being disqualified from the Masters Tournament. This has created both debate and controversy. The controversy surrounding Tiger Woods’ two stroke penalty all came about because at TV viewer called into Augusta National indicating there may have been a rules violation associated with Tiger Woods ball drop on the 15th hole. Because Tiger Woods is the most recognized golfer in the world and currently the number one golfer he is naturally going to get the most TV coverage. The possibility exists of no one seeing an infraction by any of the other players that are not getting the TV coverage. As indicated by Fred Ridley, head of the Masters Competition Committee, every year the Masters gets many calls from viewers suggesting improper play or a rules violation. This is also true for most televised golf tournaments, especially the major tournaments such as the Masters.

Because golf is a self-policing sport, this is not to suggest that players are intentionally violating golf’s rules. The reality is professional golfers, especially at this level, play with the highest level of integrity and fairness. But the fact is golf rules can be both technical as well as open to interpretation creating a conflicting situation for players.

Video technology is used in major sports such as football, basketball and to some extent even baseball. The Masters and professional golf as a whole can benefit by following in the footsteps of these other sports and implement video technology to track all golfers. Today’s video surveillance camera technology can be easily used on every golf hole to monitor and track the golfer’s activities. One of the main reasons associated with the Tiger Woods controversy was the timing of when the violation occurred, when he signed his score card, and when the officials ruled on his play. As stated by Fred Ridley, ''Our committee had made a decision and Tiger, although he didn't know that decision, he was entitled to have the benefit of that decision when he signed his scorecard.'' Ridley went on to say. ''And to me, it would have been grossly unfair to Tiger to have disqualified him after our committee had made that decision.''

Realizing that it is not practical to have a golf official at every spot on the golf course the PGA and golf’s ruling bodies should consider implementing video technology to record all golfers. Monitoring play using an official and confidential close circuit CCTV by golf officials will help ensure golf rules are accurately and quickly interpreted. The use of long range Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera technology will allow officials to accurately and clearly see every player and their actions. If there is a rule violation and the player does not come forth in a timely manner then can be penalized appropriately.

Today’s advanced camera technology can greatly assist golf officials in evaluating a golfer’s play to immediately make sure there are no rule violations. As an innovative supplier of advance CCTV technology and an advisor on security technology Security Product Depot is committed to offering the broadest array of CCTV camera systems and solutions.

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