Sleep Study: Scourby Audio Bible Improves Sleep

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Litchfield Associates announces that a recent sleep study revealed that playing the Scourby Audio Bible at night improves sleep time.

Sleep is the best meditation and most important to a good mind and good health

Sleep Study Overview

  •     While sleeping the brains electrical impulses generates a slow fluctuating rhythm
  •     Listening to sounds synced to brain rhythms aides in sleep time and improves memory functions.
  •     Those sounds may also help in the healing process and also with insomnia.

The brain is the “great computer” of the spiritual body and controls millions of processes every second that are necessary just to keep the physical body breathing and its heart beating. The Body is also a self-healing bio-mechanical machine that is constantly fighting off disease and healing the body of injuries and illnesses. The brain also determines the quality of sleep time.

Looking for a deeper sleep? All that may be necessary is to listen to the right sounds during sleep time.

While sleeping the brain's patterns follow a slow oscillating rhythm, notes a research team headed by Jan Born of the University of Tubingen in Germany. Some sleep researchers have induced these rhythms in rats with "pathological" sleep patterns, using electrical stimulation and observed better sleep results.

Millions of people listen to different sounds in an effort to get “a good night’s sleep”. But the sound has to match the brains own sleep time rhythm.

While sleeping the brain lays down long term memory and also puts the body in the best state for healing to take place. Studies have shown that certain sounds, tuned to the brain's natural rhythms, help that process greatly. Numerous people like to go to sleep listening to the TV, music or other sounds to aid in a good “sleep time” result.

The brain processes different sounds “different”, and those sounds have different effects on how one feels, blood pressure, heart rate and the quality of sleep. Certain sounds are soothing to the brain and have a positive effect on the entire body. Other sounds like the crow of a rooster or shrill of a siren agitates the brain and impedes a good night’s sleep.

Users have often reported that when listening to the Scourby Audio Bible the quality of sleep time greatly improves. Studies have determined the Voice of Alexander Scourby reading the King James Bible, with his mellifluent and soothing voice, perfectly matches the brains own sleep time rhythm. That is probably why the Chicago Tribune wrote that Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded and is the best audio book narrator bar none.

Thousands of users have described the voice of Alexander Scourby as one that could be listened to for hours without tiring. Others reported being healed while listening to Alexander Scourby’s reading of the King James Bible.

We encourage our users to try playing the Alexander Scourby narration of the King James Bible during sleep time and gage the results and please send us feedback at info(at)scourby(dot)com.

Litchfield Associates owns that Alexander Scourby narration of the King James Bible and provides the Audio Bible Mp3 download and the Scourby http:// Audio Bible Apps for the iPhone and Android mobile devices on their web site at

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