Leading Cloud Vendor Vyew Launches Engagement Workspaces

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Collaboration on Steroids for SMB Enterprises

Vyew just launched their newest Engagement Workspaces which addresses knowledge workgroups who need more structured communications and collaboration—that may include operating procedures and work instructions—for completing internal and customer-facing projects in the business development, marketing, product development or finance areas.

Vyew, built from the ground up as a real-time, always-on platform, integrates the core functionalities of web conferencing, document sharing, Wiki discussions, workflow processes, social project management and, together with its patented technologies, form a unique Engagement Workspaces product.

“Vyew’s introduction of ‘engagement workspaces’ for reducing business cycle-times adds business context and engagement to knowledge worker collaboration, providing a means to measurably improve productivity, especially for the small to medium enterprise,” said Joshua Greenbaum, Analyst at Enterprise Applications Consulting.

Vyew Engagement Workspaces provides immediate relief to the pervasive and pernicious problem that frustrates most knowledge workgroups today:
*Lack of clarity within the workgroup and the need to get everyone involved “on the same page”
*Lack simple always-on presence and communication for all stakeholders
*Cumbersome task tracking and turn-around of requests for approvals
*Difficulty of "staying on procedure" over the course of a lengthy or complex project amidst the myriad distractions of the always-on work environment.

Vyew Engagement Workspaces brings greater levels of immediacy and transparency to the entire workgroup, enhancing their collaborative activity with these four engagement modes fundamental to all knowledge work:

1. Content assembly entails ability to collect all MS and Open Office documents and digital multimedia artifacts in browser-viewable areas called “Work Rooms”, enabling the team to share an organized collection of visually rendered business documents for all team members to see, discuss, debate, and assign tasks. Embedded content includes such items as audio, video, and hyperlinks to webpages, CRM records, or intranet portals.

2. Visual discussion functions facilitate both real-time (synchronous) and time-shifted (asynchronous) communication. Vyew Engagement Workspaces enables text and voice discussions in the form contextual attachments—sticky notes and Wiki-like discussion boards—and an automatic timeline-record of all user activity. Users can send their email communications and attached documents into their Visual Discussions.

3. Shared Resolution enables any designated user within the workspace to assign task, make a request, flag content, approve an item, which memorializes the state of the entire room and related decisions with a secure e-signature stamp (a digital signature that complies with legal e-sign requirements).

4. Transactional Hand-offs enable a designated user to duplicate sections of a workspace (inclusive of all documents, discussions and approvals) into a new work room for next person, group, or firm in the value stream of a firm or the value chain of suppliers, partners, customers, and auditors. Transactional Hand-offs support record keeping and long-term storage in compliance with all known Record Retention policies and regulations.

Vyew Engagement Workspaces integrates these four modes of knowledge work within a patent-pending Get-it-Done™ procedural framework, a fast and simple way of creating embedded “as you work” procedures with checklists, work instructions, and status reporting.

Vyew Engagement Workspaces not only gets and keeps all team members on track within an intuitive, quickly assembled just-in-time “workflow”, Vyew Engagement Workspaces gives management the ability to supervise or monitor each and every workflow—proposals, work in process, transactions, etc.—in real time, and jump in with private chats or public interventions.

Customers using Vyew Engagement Workspaces report that it complements CRM- and ERP-based business processes, adding a social collaborative front-end user experience and Standardized Operating procedures (SOPs).

Vyew’s engagement workspaces remains unique in the market today, winning three US patents with two still pending.

About Vyew
Vyew constitutes a software development firm that offers both always-on SaaS and installed on-premise versions of Engagement Workspaces. Vyew Engagement Workspaces uses patented collaboration technology for bringing greater efficiency to key business workflows and knowledge workgroups, especially those related to how a firm converts, keeps, and satisfies customers for life (the customer engagement life cycle). Vyew Engagement Workspaces stand unique among collaboration technologies, providing procedural frameworks for the simple creation and use of standard operating procedures within groups of knowledge workers. Users in sales and service areas love the ability for their customers to curate the most pertinent information for consideration within their buying teams. Vyew has been granted 3 US patents with 2 still pending. Per-user subscriptions range from $15-$89 monthly.

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