ProPattern's New Journals Answer The Ultimate Angling Question – Art or Science?

Share Article offers insight into both sides of the ‘Art or Science?’ question with the release of a new journal service. The possible answer to this sensitive question requires a deep understanding of how anglers think.

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Perhaps, they see fishing as an art, never wanting to reveal their secrets to the world.

With the modern social arena and technology advancements playing into every aspect of today's current culture, the fishing industry is left to ponder how current trends affect angling productivity and experience. Fishing can certainly be considered an art when proper execution produces results or satisfaction, but scientific knowledge and experience bring an aspect to fishing that greatly increases production. Writer and teacher, Marc Merrill, long time fishing advocate and former director of the Missouri River High Adventure Base for the Boy Scouts of America, explains.

"My days as a river guide on the last wild stretches of the Missouri, week after week, slowed me down and brought me back in touch with nature. We call it living on river time. We eat lunch when we get there. We stop when we arrive. We sleep when the fire dims and the stars burn bright. Wrist watches are no good because we are living on river time, and the river demands our full attention."

"Over those long days of summer, I started seeing the patterns of nature—where the bald eagle always awaited us high on a cottonwood as we rounded the bend, the deer coming early at dawn to drink from the shallows, the slip and pull of the water and wind with each paddle stroke. Nature has its secrets that are only revealed through time and observation."

"During those summers on the river, slowly but surely, I discovered exactly where the young paddlefish would ride along my wake, where I could count on the walleye nipping up from the backwaters beneath Fort Randall at dusk, where I could lay my body in the shallows of the sandy river islands to let the baby pallid sturgeon nip to clean my sunburned flesh."

"Until my summers on the river, I never figured out how my father always knew where to cast his line on any body of water and get a hit before the lure struck the surface. Locals know where to fish and often hold their secrets close. Perhaps, they see fishing as an art, never wanting to reveal their secrets to the world."

"Whereas I always grew up believing angling was an art, I learned through living on river time that angling was also a science. At the heart of science lies the careful observation of nature," stated Merrill. Here is where ProPatterns, Inc. takes fishing into the information age. strives to gather knowledge about the world of competitive angling through its Elite video series Exposed, a series which follows the pros as they take on some of the toughest water bodies in North America. In addition, has updated its journal archive this month. Here, both pros and recreational anglers have the power to log their catches, documenting all the hard data surrounding their adventures.

With any electronic device that connects to the internet, anglers from around the country have the power to document and record every catch at Anglers can log longitude and latitude, punch in conditions on the water, document their lure types, the exact date and time, phases of the moon, and any other secret lying around and beneath the surface.

Members of don't have to travel blindly onto new waters and into new adventures. They simply watch the Elite series and learn the best secrets from the pros and look at the hard data collected in the journal archives. ProPatterns, Inc. offers this one-of-a-kind groupsource experience with the mission of creating a community of anglers invested in sharing and learning from each other.

Any art to angling exists in the people we meet and come to know, the friends we make on the water, the experience we gain from the old-timers, the experts, and those who beat us out to new waters.

Through groupsourcing hard data, ProPatterns, Inc. seeks to meld the art of angling with technology and science.

About ProPatterns, Inc. and Exposed:
ProPatterns, Inc. is a leader of angling education offering a variety of fishing tips and membership services online. Information is gathered from various sources and shared with members in a variety of ways. The Exposed video series, for example, gains all of its integrity from an alignment with the biggest names in the bass fishing industry including professionals who fish with BASS, FLW, and PAA. Cooperation from the anglers and their willingness to share is the catalyst for the growth of this series.

The company is based in Yankton, South Dakota, home of CEO and President Chad Ekroth. Ekroth’s background includes a computer science degree and business experience involving several successful startups. When not tending to business, Ekroth spends his time tournament fishing and engaging in other industry relations including a long time commitment to B.A.S.S. Nation as a 25-year member and competitor.

In addition to Exposed, the company provides online fishing journals, payday opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, and a variety of other services including the new enhanced Fantasy Fishing competition which provides all members a chance to win prizes.

Visit today to receive all of the latest information about the Exposed videos series, to participate in Fantasy Fishing, and to learn more about all of the member services available.

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