Bayou City Lumber Adds Stronger Pressure Resistant Lumber

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Bayou City Lumber adds pressure resistant lumber to its product inventory for homeowners looking for a sturdier and longer-lasting option.

Bayou City Lumber now has specially treated lumber that is even sturdier and better able to withstand the elements, insects and the perils of rot.

Protection from Decay
There are several elements that contribute to the decay of wood. Insects that bore into the structure leave little holes in their wake and make it easy for rainwater and ice to intrude. The constant exposure to the sun’s rays and water will eventually take a toll on wood products. Bacterial and fungal growth also encourage a breakdown of the structure. With pressure treatments, the wood is protected from all of these dangers and will last longer in the outdoor setting.

The Pressure Treating Process
Precut lumber is placed in a cylindrical tank which is then depressurized to force air out of the tank. Special chemicals are then flooded into the tank and infused into the wood. After sitting for a considerable period of time and soaking in the chemicals, the tank is drained and pressurized again. This Pressure Treated Lumber process is highly effective and has been in use for more than 70 years. Pressure treated lumber is designed for exterior uses. While it’s the perfect selection for arbors, patios, forts or a new garden shed, it’s important to choose the right lumber. While all pressure treated lumber is instilled with chemical preservatives, they are not all created equal.

Unique Advantages of Pressure-Treated Timbers
Wood that has been properly treated can be used in areas where regular lumber would quickly rot and fail. It can be placed in direct contact with concrete, the dirt or even set in water. Protected by the chemicals that are retained inside the wood fibers, the treated lumber will last substantially longer than non-treated lumber.

Understanding the Ratings
Pressure treated lumber is rated based on its retention ability. This is measured in terms of pounds per cubic foot. As this number rises, the wood’s ability to resist decay increases. The lumber is stamped with the usage information, so it’s easy to compare different products. Wood products that will be used above ground for decks and other raised structures should have a minimum rating of .25 lbs./Cu. Ft. Lumber items that will have direct contact with the ground require a minimum rating of .40 lbs./ Cu. Ft. Property owners who are putting the lumber into the ground should look for a rating of .60 or higher. If the lumber will be in the water for a pier or other structure, then the rating should be 1.00 lbs./Cu. Ft. or greater.

About Us
Established in 1994, Bayou City Lumber carries more than 8.5 acres of wood products, so homeowners can easily find the lumber they need for their specific project. Bayou City offers ACQ, MCQ/MMA and CCA treated lumber to meet the needs of different construction projects. The lumber is strong, lightweight, easy to handle and treated to last a long time even in difficult, exterior applications. Bayou City Lumber is Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) certified, and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Whether property owners are building a new deck or working on a pier for their fishing lake, it’s important to choose the right lumber. Not all pressure treated pieces are created equal, so builders must take the time to look for the appropriate ratings for their needs. Bayou City Lumber carries the largest selection of highly rated pressure treated lumber, and they have the most affordable prices in the industry. Visit them today and look at their extensive inventory to see how they can help make any exterior building project a huge success. Those interested may contact the company by phone at 713-991-2377 (or toll-free at 1-866-442-7487) or by visiting the company’s website,

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