New Head Lice Blog from Lice Busters - America’s Leading Lice Treatment Brand, Goes Viral

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New Head Lice Blog from Lice Busters, which is America’s Leading Lice Treatment Brand, supplies everything there is to know about Lice Prevention and Lice Removal.

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Lice Busters - Head Lice Treatment

Our goals with the Lice Busters blog are twofold: to answer our clients questions about lice and to reduce the stigma associated with these pesky insects.

Natural Lice Treatment provider Lice Busters is promoting its new head lice blog, which offers extensive articles about lice and nits, how they spread, and how to treat them. Available online at, the Lice Busters blog draws upon the company's decades of experience in lice treatment and lice prevention.

"Our blog is designed to serve as a compendium of information about lice and nits, from treatment advice to general facts about the insects and how they behave. For more than 25 years, Lice Busters has provided natural, discreet head lice checks and head lice treatments to both families and institutions, and we're eager to share what we've learned during that time," said Dalya Harel, founder of Lice Busters.

The Lice Busters blog explains the benefits of using an all-natural lice treatment over prescription and over-the-counter lice products, which in most cases contain toxic and chemical ingredients. Lice Busters recommends removing lice and nits from the hair using a stainless steel fine-toothed lice comb; although a meticulous process, combing head lice is the best way to ensure the removal of all lice and nits so that the infection process does not repeat itself, Harel notes.

Lice Busters also offers a number of natural lice treatment products for sale on its website, some of which include lice prevention sprays and lice treatment kits, in addition to the famous Lice Busters lice comb. The company promotes its 100% effective and natural lice products as both safe and child-friendly.

In addition to lice remedies, Lice Busters' blog also features information about lice and nits, from their behaviors to their growing and breeding patterns. A recent blog post, for example, explained that the telltale itchiness associated with head lice is the result of an allergic reaction to the insect's saliva, which the lice secrete when sucking blood from the scalp.

For parents unsure whether or not their children have head lice, the Lice Busters lice blog features information on symptoms that will appear as a lice infection progresses. Parents should first check for lice eggs, called nits, which will be white or yellow in color and can sometimes look like dandruff. Next, the nits will hatch into young head lice called nymphs, while will cause itchiness and redness as they bite the skin. As the infection persists, the blog notes, the irritation will become more noticeable and sores or welts may develop on the scalp.

For future topics, Lice Busters intends to cover a range of head lice prevention tips. For a full-day worth of lice prevention, Dalya Harel advises applying a drop of Lice Busters lice prevention spray to the hair. Children with long hair should take extra precaution by wearing braids or a ponytail while at school, summer camp, or a similar high-risk environment. Another head lice prevention tip the company recommends is to avoid sharing hats, scarves, hair brushes, or combs.

"Our goals with the Lice Busters blog are twofold: to answer our clients questions about lice and to reduce the stigma associated with these pesky insects. Although some people may initially think that a head lice infestation comes from poor hygiene, it is really the opposite, Lice prefer clean hair so they reproduce in a clean environment. “Six to 12 million children suffer from head lice per year”. Our blog helps parents to stop blaming themselves and learn how to get rid of lice in a healthy, affordable manner," Harel said.

About Lice Busters:
Lice Busters is an all-natural, lice treatment and lice removal service that offers a 100% guaranteed head lice treatment and lice check. The Lice Busters lice treatment method consist of manually removing head lice safely and discreetly, in a private salon setting or a chosen location. Providing safe solutions for frantic families, Lice Busters has successfully treated thousands of families nationwide. Our services are recommended by hundreds of pediatricians and are reimbursed by most major health insurance carriers, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts.

To learn more about how to treat lice and to view or purchase Lice Busters' natural lice products, call 877-613-1143 or visit Lice Busters also posts about lice remedies on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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