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Conservative site undergoes transition and highlights a minority group of bloggers.

Publish the truth, tell others.

Far right bloggers tend to appear in the media only when they enter the realm of public policy. In the recent debate over gun legislation, for instance, some conservative bloggers have gained notoriety for making noise in the debate.

Yet not all conservative bloggers are concerned with public policy. A small, loose-knit group of right wing bloggers continue to write about society, politics, and the news without much desire to influence or sway the powers that be. The group, if it can even be called that, consists of a number of people in different professions who mostly write under pseudonyms and screen names. The thin layer of anonymity is designed, they say, to protect their ability to speak freely about what they see as the degeneration of western civilization. Bloggers range from disgruntled academics, high tech entrepreneurs who cashed out of the Internet boom in the 90's, writers and amateur actors longing for simpler times, and many others. Mencius Moldbug, the author behind Unqualified Reservations, made waves when he cautioned the far right against any effort to sway the existing system or alter the structures of power. For some, the mere prospect of living a life according to their values and understanding their world without a "modernist" or "progressive" influence is daunting enough.

Several efforts have been made to bring different bloggers together in order to share ideas. One such site is, a conservative news site authored primarily by Mark Tully. Restorus has undergone several transitions since the site had begun in 2010. This latest revision simplified the structure of the site by refocusing solely on articles instead of a grand sweeping effort at creating a conservative digital revival. Tully commented, saying that other group blogs like are more suited to those kinds of collaborative efforts. Tully's efforts are much more modest: "Publish the truth, tell others about it." He hopes that the site will serve as a source for insightful criticism into modern events as well as a resource for people looking for Biblical and philosophical answers.

Restorus has covered events such as the election in Venezuela, as well as more classical questions and issues such as the source and legitimacy of rights, a Christian response to the question "How Old is the Earth?", and the political philosophy behind libertarianism.

The impact of such eclectic sites will probably forever be unknown, but the Internet provides a platform for even the most minority of voices.

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