VPNReviewz Advises Travelers: Check Regional Restrictions And Make Accommodations Before You Leave: Here’s A Few Tips

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VPNReviewz CEO, Michael Maxstead, outlines a few of the easier ways to find out if a website, or service, will be available to the traveler when filtering, censors, and monitoring could be a problem…

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Maxstead’s final tip: Always have a back up plan

VPNReviewz CEO, Michael Maxstead, says that in the last few months, internet censoring and filtering has taken on an entirely new meaning for travelers that have to have access to a network or site that may, or may not, be blocked. In the last few months, he says, there has been, “an alarming number of VPN providers, (Virtual Private Network Providers,) reporting problems connecting to their mainland China customers,” to VPNReviewz editors.

“Providers that were affected offered workarounds…but in the end, they have all said that the user should become familiar with the client configuration, and experiment.,” Maxstead says. But for travelers, getting something that will work, with reliability, behind the Great Firewall, should be a fairly simple task, if one knows where to look. "Knowing how to check to see which websites are blocked in which regions is important,” he stresses and, “always have a back up plan…just in case a providers IPs or protocol gets blocked.”

“Asking around in the travelers forums is always a good place to start, to find out how heavily filtered a region is,” he says, “and often you can find people who have visited the region more recently.” Another good way to find out if a website is blocked is to use a website checker like the one at greatfirewallofchina.org. He also suggests, “If in doubt about a website or service, find a VPN whose IP addresses haven’t been included in the Great Firewall’s filters.” One good strategy when looking for a VPN that hasn’t been blocked is to find a provider that has new servers to connect to. “Go back about a month, if the providers have new IPs on new servers, it probably hasn’t been filtered out yet.”

Maxstead’s final tip: Always have a back up plan, “And, perhaps one of the most valuable…I think.” He says. New blocks are reported almost daily , “but there are a few VPNs that are sure to be able to connect, one that comes to mind is VPN Gate,” then explains, “A large and constantly changing supply of IPs available almost guarantees a connection.” He also stresses on the ability to set up a server for personal access before the traveler departs. “Using this method, a person can look as if they never left home at all.” He also puts in that “VPNReviewz hasn’t been placed on any of the filters yet, as far as we can tell…but, that could change.”

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