Tin Ceilings from The Tinman Go Hollywood

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Chelsea Decorative Metal Company, whose owner is known as Glenn "The Tinman" Eldridge, is now offering tin ceilings to film and production companies in Hollywood for their movie sets. Since Hollywood is always doing period pieces, tin ceilings can help set the scene, whether tin is put on the ceilings or put on the walls.

This is a one foot pattern with a rustic look

Tin ceilings works very well in this old time looking saloon

Since we manufacture, the material is always in stock, and ready for immediate shipping for those rush shots

Chelsea is a family owned business that was established in New York City, but moved to Houston, Texas in the late 70s. Glenn remembers the first time he saw a tin ceiling on the screen. It was in the film, "Between the Lines" with Jeff Goldblum and was about a newspaper like "The Village Voice." At that time it was an original tin ceiling in the building.

Glenn again saw original metal ceilings in the movie "Barber Shop", and has decided to offer the product to the movie industry so that they can make up sets right in the studios. He is getting the word out by taking out ads in various Hollywood, theater and movie magazines. Glenn hopes the film industry will be open to building their own sets to include the metal sheets, depicting the various times through out history. Most people remember tin ceilings in their homes and in stores such as drug stores, ice cream parlors, hardware stores, etc. So using the original designs that Chelsea manufactures can surely work as a background to the story in the foreground, without being overly noticeable.

Through the years designs were added to the tin ceiling line ranging from Americana and Turn of the Century, to Art Deco and Victorian. Glenn has seen horror movies that were filmed in houses with the tin ceilings like "Dreamcatcher" and "Skeleton Key" both written by Stephen King, but he is hoping that instead of looking for building of old, production companies can create them within a studio setting. The most memorable movie he saw was "Trespass" where the treasure itself was actually hidden in the ceiling. It would be wonderful if Spiderman were hiding above his enemy on a tin ceiling.

The decorative sheet are 2' x 4' making them easy to install.

Glenn says, "Since we manufacture, the material is always in stock, and ready for immediate shipping for those rush shots."

The pattern come in 3", 6", 12" and 24" repeat patterns on the 2' x 4' sheets. In many movies they can be seen on the walls in the hallways of apartment building such as in "The Godfather 2" when De Niro shoots Don Fanucci. Chelsea has supplied metal for the remodeling shows on television like "Monster House", "Trick My Truck" and "Man Cave", but has now set his sights on the movie industry.

Hollywood can really take a liking for tin ceilings; they're lightweight, easy to install and very nostalgic. These attractive designs are readily accessible through Chelsea, and now available in a copper finish and even a hand painted faux finish that adds elegance to the already decorative designs. The material is actual tin plated steel, but can be painted directly on with an oil-based paint. Also available are cornices (like a crown molding), fillers, molded fillers and even medallions.

You may take notice next time you see the tin ceilings in a movie. The design from Chelsea is original so even you won't be sure whether they are old or new but who cares? The set designers do.

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