Dr. David Altamira, M.D. Offering New Body Lifts

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Those interested in obtaining a more youthful looking appearance can schedule a consultation with Houston’s own Dr. David Altamira to hear about new Services.

Dr. David Altamira is an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon, and he has recently announced several new body lift procedures available to patients through his Houston area office.

Body Lift After Weight Loss
Many people dream about having a svelte and even sexy figure after losing a significant amount of weight, and many are disappointed to see that their weight loss resulted in saggy, stretched out skin with flaps and folds. After losing weight, they may visit Dr. David Altamira’s office to discuss a post-weight loss body lift procedure. This procedure can contour the body through surgical means, and it is effective in smoothing skin on the buttocks, the upper thighs, the midsection of the torso and other areas. This procedure can help patients to enjoy the desired look they want to see after weight loss.

A Brachioplasty Arm Lift
A common issue that many plastic surgeons in Houston deal with are patients who are self-conscious of their flappy arms. When arms look flabby and lack muscle tone, they can cause a person to feel self-conscious, and this may dissuade them from wearing sleeveless or even short-sleeved shirts in warm weather. A brachioplasty procedure is a localized surgery that tightens the skin on the upper arms so that the arms look more tone and slender. Tissue and fat may be removed through liposuction, and skin is pulled tight to create an attractive look. Those who are interested in slimming their upper arms can talk to Dr. Altamira about this procedure.

Lower Body Lift
When many people talk about the problem areas on their bodies that they are most concerned about, the thighs and buttocks are often mentioned. These areas are difficult to keep slim and toned, and they are difficult to tone after they have become lax and saggy. A lower body lift performed by Dr. David Altamira involves an incision in the lower abdomen. Through surgery and liposuction, the buttocks and thighs are slimmed down, and skin is pulled tight. The result is that the buttocks look more firm and perky, and the thighs look trim and attractive.

Many people struggle through extensive exercise routines and dieting, and they still are not able to fully achieve the desired look that they have been working so hard to achieve. Dr. David Altamira has been assisting patients across the Houston area with cosmetic procedures so that they can achieve the look they really want for themselves. His skills, education and expertise coupled with the wide range of services offered make him the ideal cosmetic surgeon to turn to for surgical and non-surgical procedures alike.

Across the Houston area, many residents have been struggling to improve their body image through diet and exercise. Diet and exercise can help patients to lose weight, and this overall improvement in health may also provide them with a younger-looking appearance, decrease the presence of cellulite and promote an overall better look. However, despite their best efforts, some people are unable to achieve the level of results they really want to see through their own efforts, and they may be looking for a better approach.

Dr. David Altamira, one of the leading plastic surgeons in Houston, is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is skilled at achieving natural-looking results. Patients can contact his office by phone at 866-737-5205 or by completing the information form on the website, http://www.draltamira.com. Taking this initial step today may help those who want to improve their body image with more information about the many options available to them.

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