LeadMaster Lowers the Barrier of Entry for Company-Wide CRM with Improved Lead-Xpress

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Lead-Xpress - the Next Generation of Radically Affordable CRM & Lead Management Tools

LeadMaster Sales Lead Management / CRM / Email Marketing / Automation

LeadMaster Sales Lead Management / CRM / Email Marketing / Automation

Sending leads and update requests through LeadMaster is fast and simple, requiring only two or three clicks in the system.

LeadMaster announces enhanced Lead-Xpress capabilities for their cloud-based Sales CRM and marketing automation software. The low-cost lead distribution tool provides an easier way for sales organizations to update customer accounts and sales leads.

Several of the latest CRM research studies show that less than 50% of companies are satisfied with their CRM implementation. Additionally, up to 70% of existing companies that utilize CRM in their organizations are paying for software licenses they don't need or aren't using. Typically, a single, cloud-based CRM user costs between $50 and $125 per month. For example, 50 sales, marketing and operations users at $125 per month would cost $75,000 annually. That's a lot of money for a solution that isn't working and isn't being fully utilized.

By contrast, Lead-Xpress at $10 per user per month, offers a drastically easier and more cost effective CRM option for companies of all sizes. The Lead-Xpress solution provides users with direct access to their CRM database through their existing company email accounts – without having to login or learn how to use a CRM system. Utilizing simple 'Yes/No' check boxes and customizable form questions, reps can easily update the status of opportunities, add notes, attach files to records and more. Reps can instantly add customers or prospects to drip marketing campaigns or trigger powerful automated activities from their mobile phones. The end result is management receives real-time updates on customers, leads and forecasted deals within seconds - all for a fraction of the cost of most CRM systems on the market today.

Here's how Lead-Xpress works. The sales agent receives the Lead-Xpress email, which contains a link to a customizable web form. The form is securely linked to the CRM database so that reps and extended partners can update the status of accounts or sales leads. It takes seconds to update and can even be done from a mobile phone at no additional cost. The form survey questions can be easily customized so that it captures specific sales progress and activities. Little or no training is needed using this CRM methodology. Sales and marketing managers no longer have to chase reps to update their accounts and lead's status. Sending leads and update requests through LeadMaster is fast and simple, requiring only two or three clicks in the system.

There’s simply no need to purchase a full license for sales reps that aren't logging into their company’s CRM. With Lead-Xpress, management can still have up-to-date information on the accounts and leads. For many organizations, this will save thousands of dollars as well as improve CRM adoption. Sales reps and agents can still take advantage of sales and marketing automation without having a full license and without having to login.

By providing a simple lead management solution at rock-bottom prices, Lead-Xpress dramatically reduces the cost for a company to track leads as they move through the sales cycle, including sales through channel partners. The system can be configured so that reps immediately receive a text message each time a new lead is assigned or a request to update an existing account / lead is sent. Studies have shown the faster a sales rep responds to a lead, the better the chance they'll close the sale. Sending text messages with leads helps reps respond to leads faster, resulting in more sales.

About LeadMaster

LeadMaster offers a multifunction cloud-computing software solution for sales and marketing professionals. Everything is in one easy-to-use online web-based application. Customers can choose to implement an end-to-end Sales Lead Management CRM solution or select point solutions to satisfy specific sales & marketing requirements.

Features include:

LeadMaster’s on-demand customizable SaaS solutions combine sales lead management software, lead tracking solutions, sales force automation tools (SFA), customer relationship management features (Sales CRM), LeadMaster Voice solutions and virtual call center solutions. This powerful web-based application has helped companies large and small from virtually every industry.

The LeadMaster sales lead management CRM solution is intuitive and easy to use, providing real-time lead capture, lead distribution, lead tracking, lead nurturing, custom reporting and email marketing. LeadMaster makes it easy to qualify and convert leads from virtually any source - landing page, email, call center, webinar, sales lead suppliers and more.

The LeadMaster sales lead management CRM product is straightforward and easy to learn yet has robust features like workflow automation, round-robin lead distribution, mobile access, CRM analytics and Outlook integration.

LeadMaster products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers, consultants and system integrators.

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