Antonio Juan Marcos Issa Urges Professionals to Engage in Positive Leadership

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Antonio Juan Marcos Issa encourages business leaders to remain positive in their approach in an effort to improve organizational success.

Chairman of the Board Antonio Juan Marcos Issa of Blue Marine Technology Group is well-acquainted with leadership strategies, as he implements them on a daily basis to ensure the success and effectiveness of his company. While a long list of executives are capable of executing positive leadership strategies, an article published by Fast Company shines light on the fact that not all leaders are successful within their positions. The article asserts: "Leaders generally derail not because of a character flaw, but rather because they respond immaturely to mounting stress and change. Leaders who are immature in their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and habits, however, are capable of recovering from their unleaderlike behavior." In response to this article, Juan Marcos urges business leaders to take stock of their leadership habits and implement the necessary changes required to create a more positive approach.

The article showcases the difference between successful leadership and ineffective leadership as the ideas apply to immaturity by asserting the following: "For example, one of the most important traits of great leaders is what I call the Helping trait. Leaders who are selfless, giving, and altruistic are demonstrating the mature behaviors associated with the Helping trait. However, when their helping is done in an unauthentic way, with strings attached, they are demonstrating the immature behaviors associated with that trait."

Juan Marcos believes that, in order to achieve successful leadership, professionals must be genuine in their efforts to guide their team members. "A leader is someone who stands by the mission of a company and really believes in the work that its team is doing," Antonio Juan Marcos Issa remarks. "As such, all of the work that a positive leader does is meant to support the success of the company and all of the professionals who strive to make this success happen. Positive leadership, to me, means creating a clear goal and a well-defined way in which to reach it. Does this mean that sometimes leaders will have to handle more negative tasks, such as disciplinary actions? Of course. But by approaching even these tasks in a positive way, leaders can keep their companies moving in the right direction."

Antonio Juan Marcos Issa encourages all business leaders to evaluate their working style and make the changes necessary to create a more positive approach to their daily efforts.


Chairman of the Board at Blue Marine Technology Group, Antonio Juan Marcos Issa leads his company in the provision of services to organizations that function within the offshore oil industry. The team at Blue Marine Technology Group comprises a collection of multi-disciplinary professionals who have experience within the oil and gas field. The company as a whole offers services in five different categories, such as offshore and drilling services and maritime operations. Additionally, the organization provides support regarding logistics, agency services, and oil and gas solutions. Juan Marcos and the other leaders at Blue Marine Technology Group are devoted to upholding their goal of providing clients with a valuable partnership while maintaining quality, clearance, safety, and responsibility.

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