ExitTicket Student Response System developed by Leadership Public Schools, Inc. Spurs Dramatic Student Gains

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A new and innovative real-time student response system, developed by a team of high school teachers and students, is helping students significantly improve classroom performance.

ExitTicket student module provides a real time personalized learning environment for every student.

ExitTicket student module provides a real time personalized learning environment for every student.

ExitTicket is more than just a simple voting/polling clicker app. It's the first personalized student learning solution providing real time performance metrics in and out of the classroom.

ExitTicket (http://www.exitticket.org) gives teachers real-time information about how well their students are absorbing lessons--even before they walk out the classroom door. The software and accompanying instructional strategies were developed over the past two years by a team of teachers and students at Leadership Public Schools (LPS), a network of four urban high schools in the Bay Area.

“ExitTicket is more than just a simple voting/polling clicker or interactive student response system.” Explains Dr. Waters, Superintendent and CEO of Leadership Public Schools. “ExitTicket delivers next generation real time feedback and performance metrics to both students and teachers. And because students have their own personalized learning account, they know exactly how they are performing over time, and exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are. Teachers can use this student longitudinal data to drive meaningful, individualized instructional strategies for every student or the class as a whole.”

ExitTicket is a cloud based application that runs on common hardware found in most typical classrooms with WIFI and a web enabled device for each student, including smartphones, iPod Touches, tablets, netbooks, laptops and desktops. At the easiest level, teachers can create a “Quicket” immediately on the spot, using ExitTicket much like a traditional “clicker” app. But the real power of ExiTicket comes when teachers quickly create pre-designed “exit tickets,” or mini-quizzes that are used as comprehension checks throughout the period.

Many begin with a short ticket to check on homework or learning from the prior day. If mastery is uneven, they stop and use the re-teach, error-analysis display to walk students through misunderstandings. A short recheck ticket usually shows a significant jump in mastery.

Later, after introducing a new concept, a 5-10 question practice ticket can help monitor understanding. Using an iPad with a heatmap of real-time individual student data, the teacher moves around the room providing immediate individualized intervention. A tap on the screen reveals a list of students getting a question wrong as well as their answers, making it easy to pull small groups for re-teaching. An exit ticket at the end of the period is a final check on the day’s understanding. The data that is available in the moment is also stored and available through a scorebook to be used in planning, grading or progress monitoring.

Teachers report saving up to 20 minutes of a typical class hour, no longer taking time from the full class to go over homework, answer questions, or repeat material that only a few students may need. ExitTicket also eliminates much of the burden of grading homework and enables teachers to identify which students need additional small group tutoring. Teachers can then spend more out-of-class time preparing instruction and constructing high-quality questions rather than on rote grading.

Students are embracing ExitTicket, too. Because students can track their own learning immediately and over time, their achievement skyrockets. According to a user survey, students report it as the single biggest factor in their newfound success. In the words of one teacher, “Kids are crazy invested around here. It’s awesome how well this works.”

The results are clear: at Leadership Public Schools in 2012, students gained 2.5 grade levels in one year in 14 pilot classes where teachers used ExitTicket and the related instructional strategies. 28 LPS classes using the data app this year are on track for even greater growth.

ExitTicket is available for free for teachers, schools and districts. In just a few weeks since its public launch, use has spread virally and exponentially across the US and overseas.

ExitTicket was developed through the Leadership Public Schools’ innovative edtech incubator by a team of teachers, Dr. Louise Waters, Amy Epstein and Dr. Scot Refsland, Innovation Fellow in Residence with deep experience building data and web-based tools. It is cloud based and runs on any wi-fi enabled device.

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