Tees For Your Head Offers New Line of Geeky T-Shirts: Optical Illusions

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Tees For Your Head's product offerings continue to expand, now offering a fun and geeky line of illusions to their tees, in sizes from toddler to 6XL.

Hermann Grid geeky t-shirt with optical illusion from Tees For Your Head

Optical Illusion T-Shirt Hermann Grid

Tees For Your Head t-shirt company created a category just for illusions and is steadily adding original designs.

Tees For Your Head designer Tom Bates has been wearing the his optical illusion tees around town, and they are provoking comments. Noting the reaction, his nerdy t-shirt company created a category just for illusions and is steadily adding original designs.

Bates has been studying both brain behavior for his own interest (as one does) and certain optical illusions in order to crack the code of what creates motion illusions.

Bates has learned that vision, and its role in optical illusions, is not a simple function. "The visual system processes a scene on many levels, working its way from many small details towards an integrated overall picture. There is also the confounding factor of variability in sensitivity to illusions."

His observations lead him to the idea that "because our brains evolved in a world with a single light source, if implied shadowing is inconsistent with our observed world, my guess is that the inconsistency can be interpreted as movement." So perhaps this inconsistent shadowing in a static image gives the impression of rolling, turning, or otherwise confusing the viewer.

Although Bates jokes that he's performing t-shirt-based science, he would be happy to see neuroscientists take a look at illusions. "I would be more than agreeable to having my brain scanned while looking at illusions!"

The Devil's Triangle Sky View Tee is visually striking, with a physically impossible triangle leading into a glimpse of sky. There's no implied motion here, just the drawing of an object that defies the mind's attempts to understand how it would function in the physical world.

The Sky View t-shirt has a non-identical twin, distinguished by the world that is seen through the triangle; in the second version, a view of the night sky. The Devil's Triangle Illusion Tee performs the same visual twisting as its twin.

The California Roll illusion t-shirt riffs on California's propensity towards rolling along the San Andreas Fault, and for sushi lovers, the name of the tee is also familiar. The illusion demonstrates the use of inconsistent "shadowing," which is assumed to create the rolling effect. The relationship of the colors in the illusion is delicate. If there is either not enough contrast or if there is too much contrast, the motion doesn't appear.

One of Tee's For Your Head's most popular designs, the Hermann Grid Illusion Tee, with the help of the viewer's brain, creates illusory black dots inside white dots (or white dots inside black dots, depending on the color of tee chosen). Despite its simplicity, the exact cause of this illusion still eludes current brain science.

About Tees For Your Head

The online home of geeky t-shirts for lovers of the arts and sciences was launched in 2012. Husband and wife team Tom Bates and Karin Carter have an arts and science background and create their own designs to appeal to the geeks of the world. Santa Cruz tee shirt designs are in the works for this Santa Cruz-based business.

By the way, Tees For Your Head shirts are worn on the body, not really on the head. Just a helpful hint.

Find their unique and nutty tees at teesforyourhead.com online now.

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