Fundamental Interactions Inc Announces Automated Market Making over the Neutron Trading Appliance

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Fundamental Interactions Inc announces the availability of a full featured market making and automated execution system designed for OTC and NMS securities within its flagship product, the Neutron Trading Appliance.

Fundamental Interactions Inc announces the availability of a full featured market making and automated execution system designed for OTC securities and NMS securities within its flagship product, the Neutron Trading Appliance. The offering is designed to empower broker dealers to grow trading volumes and scale their business without incremental cost, increasing profitability. The system can be deployed independent of a broker’s order management systems or integrated into an existing infrastructure. It supports an ultra-low latency consolidated market data ticker plant, an order management system, a smart router and internalization engine.

The core Neutron Trading Appliance is an enterprise, portable, high performance system that can be quickly deployed in any data center as a stand-alone solution or integrated with a third party OMS or proprietary market making systems. End users can easily integrate with the Neutron Trading Appliance for order management and market data with FIX protocol and flexible API's supporting C++, JAVA, C#, and C. The Neutron Trading Appliance supports a broad base of asset classes including equities, OTC securities, options, complex options, futures, and FX. The product is widely deployed across the US as an infrastructure back end for brokers, proprietary trading firms, banks, and hedge funds.

The open architecture of the platform is easily customized to allow broker dealers to accommodate their business and compliance needs for market making. “The Neutron Trading Appliance enables market makers to operate a fully automated market for OTC securities while reducing the cost to execute,” says Richard Birn, Head of Global Sales at Fundamental Interactions Inc. “We see strong demand for this product because of the growth in the number of OTC and ADR securities fueled by crowd funding and the ‘Jobs Act’ recently passed by congress”.

The appliance modules provide an eco-system for automated trading of small cap OTC securities and pink sheets. The system fully automates a broker dealer’s workflow from inbound client orders, market making, internalization, smart routing for best execution, as well as support of an automated opening and closing price and call auction for securities with three quotes or less. Market makers can also use the order delivery and trade negotiation option that allows them to negotiate a trades electronically with counter parties and matching trades automatically when a price is agreed upon, eliminating the need for trading over the telephone.

The Neutron Trading Appliance supports the following functions:

  • Inbound/outbound client gateways supporting FIX and drop copy of trades
  • Market making quoting for NASDAQ, FINRA, and OTC Markets quotation systems
  • Automated quoting across all market centers as well as market making for the internalization engine
  • Consolidated market data ticker plant for all NMS consolidated and direct data feeds including OTC securities, Pink Sheets, UTP BDDS, TDDS, ARCA OTC securities, as well as the internalization quotes from the Neutron Trading Appliance
  • Trade reporting for internalized trades to the NASDAQ TRF and FINRA ORF
  • An internalization engine with multiple rule sets including price/time and price/size for maintaining orders for crossing opportunities
  • Three quote rule and IOI feed for creating call auctions for illiquid OTC securities
  • Negotiation order delivery system of OTC securities between market participants with either automated matching or manual execution
  • Rules based smart router for NMS and OTC securities, including automation of OTC Markets Pink Link routing

About Fundamental Interactions Inc

Fundamental Interactions Inc raises the standard of performance, efficiency and value available within an electronic trading appliance, designing global, multi-asset trading systems which reduce latency and provide infrastructure management efficiencies. Rising to challenges and opportunities posed by regulation, technology and market structure - the company delivers targeted business advantages to broker dealers, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. The company's products fall into three primary categories - 'Neutron - Trading Appliance', 'Neutron - Virtual Exchange' and 'Neutron - FastProxy'

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