Infographic: A Visual History of the Cell Phone

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Mobile app development firm Fueled releases infographic on the past 40 years of mobile.

Mobile app development shop, Fueled (, based in NYC, has recently designed a released a new info-graphic detailing the past 40 years of mobile phones in honor of the cell phone's recent 40 year anniversary.

View the infographic here:

Here's the timeline for those who can't view the image:


Affectionately referred to in pop culture as “the Zack Morris Phone,” the first commercial handheld cell phone offered 30 minutes of talk time and a single color LED display. The phone could hold up to 30 phone numbers and cost about $4,000.

MicroTAC 9800x

A personal favorite of ours, the MicroTAC was the world’s first flip phone, which gave humanity a new way to angrily hang up on best friends outside of pushing the ‘off’ button really, really hard.

Oribitel TPU 900

In 1991, the cell phone took a step backward and managed to become uglier. Despite the fact that new GSM 2G technology allowed phones to become smaller, the Orbitel was an inexplicable 5 pounds and was so large it had to be carried in a backpack. It did however allow for the world’s first text message that read “Merry Christmas”.

IBM Simon Personal Communicator

In 1994, IBM introduced the world to the smartphone (we use the word “smart” very loosely here) sported a big touchscreen phone, email, address book, appointment scheduler and other handy tools.

Hagenuk MT-2000

1994’s Hagenuk MT-2000 wouldn’t have been on this list if it wasn’t for one mind-blowing, world changing, revolutionary had the world’s first mobile game: Tetris.
Nokia 7110
Nokia’s “Matrix” phone, the 7110, marked the first official “Internet phone” that could surf the web via a WAP browser in 1999.

Introduced in 2000, and only available in Japan, the J-SH04 sported the first camera in a phone, introducing an unsuspecting world to the “selfie.”

In 2003, Research in Motion, the company that had pioneered secure push email pagers called “BlackBerrys” introduce an email system with an integrated phone, turning people into CrackBerry zomies around the globe.

The Palm Treo, introduced in 2004 was a highly successful combination of smart phone and personal digital assistant. For the first time the telephone became a minor feature of the cellular phone.

We dont really need to say much, do we?

We’re excited to see the next 40 years! Happy birthday cell phones!

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