Summer Black Truffles Now in Season

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Summer black truffle season began in late April and fresh truffles now available for purchase at Mirepoix USA

Turffle Recipes: Grilled Cheese, Summer Truffle, and Arugula Sandwich

Grilled Cheese, Summer Truffle, and Arugula Sandwich

According to Mirepoix USA founder, Laurel Pine, summer truffle season is relatively long, beginning in late April to early May and generally extending through August.

Mirepoix USA, a leading online purveyor of specialty gourmet foods and traditional French foods, announced the start of summer truffle season and the availability of early specimens. Summer black truffles, the most mildly flavored and least expensive variety of truffles, begin to ripen in early May, followed by Burgundy truffles in August, white truffles in October, and finally black truffles in late November or early December.

According to Mirepoix USA founder, Laurel Pine, summer truffle season is relatively long, beginning in late April to early May and generally extending through August. The flavor of the truffles intensifies and improves in late May or early June, once the truffles have ripened further.

Summer black truffles are frequently used raw in salads, often with a truffle flavored salad dressing. Summer truffle and cheese omelette is another common preparation. Additionally, summer truffles can be added to a grilled cheese sandwich, or shaved over vegetable, grain, pasta or meat dishes, usually in generous amounts. Summer truffles are also frequently used in preserved truffle products such as truffle butter, truffle paste or cream, and pate or specialty meats flavored with fresh truffles.

According to Mirepoix USA, fresh summer black truffles feature a mild but crispy nutty flavor. Because summer truffles have a delicate flavor, which is compromised by prolonged exposure to heat, it is best to serve them either raw or just slightly warmed. Portions are usually generous, as summer truffles are much less pungent and much less expensive than Perigord black truffles or white truffles. The subtle, mushroomy flavor of summer truffles can be enhanced by adding truffle oil or truffle juice to almost any preparation.

Summer truffles have a very similar appearance to black winter truffles. They are usually about one ounce in size, generally round in shape, and have a nubby black or brown skin, and a pale beige interior marbled with white veins. A very light beige interior suggests the summer truffles are not yet fully mature.

Mirepoix USA states that all truffles, including summer truffles, should be wrapped in an absorbent cloth such as a paper towel and stored in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. The towel should be changed daily to avoid moisture collecting or mold developing. Truffles can lose up to 3% of their daily weight, and should be consumed within a week to ten days.

Premium truffles are found mostly in France, Spain and Italy. Secondary markets include China, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Northern Africa, and the United States. Preferring a warm climate, free of frost and sheltered from summer storms, truffles develop in the root system of certain trees, primarily oak and hazelnut trees, and occasionally certain pines, willows, chestnuts, beech, red alder and poplars.Truffles grow in locations as much as one foot below ground in the root system of the host trees and therefore must be discovered by the trained nose of a pig or dog.

Mirepoix USA sources the highest quality specialty gourmet foods and traditional French foods from manufacturers and importers across the United States. The company currently offers over 40 foie gras selections; fresh truffles including summer truffles, Burgundy truffles, Perigord black truffles and Alba white truffles and well as truffle based products; French charcuterie, and a wide selection of caviar. In recent years the online retailer has expanded product offerings to include Wagyu and US Kobe beef, French cheeses, and gourmet gift baskets and gourmet food. In 2012, Mirepoix USA began offering live tasting events in the US and food and wine tours in Europe.

To purchase fresh summer truffles from Mirepoix USA, visit or call 866-992-9559.

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