A Spring Checkup for a Roof in Columbus, OH by Atlas Roofing

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Many homeowners expect something to go wrong with roofs during the winter months while allowing small problems that might arise in the spring time go unattended. Both of these options can end up costing home and business owners much more than they would save by carrying out yearly roofing maintenance.

Residential and commercial roofing in Columbus, OH is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. In the Midwest, weather can go anywhere from blisteringly hot and humid to sub-zero and windy along with everything in between. That is a lot of stress to put on any structure. As asphalt roofs are the most common types of roofs out there, people see components begin to fail and breakdown as a result of going from one extreme to the other. The lifespan of a roof is greatly reduced without carrying out proper roof maintenance on a somewhat regular basis. In fact, it is recommended that, in Columbus, roofs should be checked at least once in the early spring and again before first snowfall.

As a professional roofing contractor in Columbus, Atlas Roofing provides a few simple things that can be done to help maintain and thus lengthen the lifespan of a structure's roofing. The freezing, thawing, and refreezing from the winter months is sure to have done a number on different roof systems. Hopefully, some basic maintenance and roof repair can rectify the issue, although it is good to know what signs to look for that might signify the necessity of a roofing company or even a new roof.

One of the first things to check on is the flashing. Flashing is the thin pieces of metal that fill gaps and help connect different parts of the roof. Roof flashing can typically be found around chimneys, near the end of the roof, around vents, and valleys. In the valleys, one will often find accumulated debris which will need cleaned out in order to properly inspect and / or repair flashing.

Checking the shingles is also quite important. Homeowners and business owners need to look for damaged and missing shingles. These will need to be replaced. In the event of curled shingles, the shingles may be able to be reshaped during hot weather or by using a hair dryer to warm them up. Otherwise, shingles that have gone missing or are torn, bent, broken, or otherwise damaged will need replaced.

If the gutter system has a leaf guard system, cleaning the gutters may be a thing of the past. Otherwise, the gutters will need cleaned out of all debris and it must be verified that they are draining properly.

About Atlas Roofing & Exteriors: Based in Columbus, OH roofing, siding, gutters, and windows are common tasks for Atlas Roofing & Exteriors. They were founded in 2003 by professional roofing and building contractors who were upset to see how homeowners were being treated by larger firms. They wanted to take things back to the way they used to be—the way they should be—and treat customers with the utmost respect and care, putting the effort and time in as if they were working on a loved one’s home. Since then, they have earned a strong reputation for providing quality, reliable, and affordable services.

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