Dirty Harry’s Favorite .44 Magnum Can’t Penetrate this Product – Even Point Blank

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Professional security operators have identified their preferred requirements for antiballistic products suitable for their safety and success under real world conditions. Kuhlman Services LLC, sometimes better known by its “DBA”, Castle Shipboard Security Program, has responded to the needs of these professionals and has applied them to the maritime and offshore industries.

Security operators make a profession of being a shield; Castle Shipboard Security Program makes a profession of providing tools to do it right.

Until recently most antiballistic products have been heavy, costly, and uncomfortable. HOWEVER, through a new agreement between Kuhlman Services LLC (KSL and the manufacturer Magnum Antiballistic Systems Inc. (MABS), security professionals and the maritime and offshore industries can take advantage of new antiballistic capabilities. Kuhlman Services LLC stands alone as the OEM distributor.

MABS’s new product, MAG1001, weighs 60% less than comparable Kevlar products. It is so light weight that it is buoyancy neutral and can be worn with other common flotation devices making it ideal for marine use. MAG1001 has better resistant qualities to UV radiation and has less acid and petroleum degradation than is found with Kevlar. MAG1001 is flexible and costs a fraction of comparable Kevlar products. The MABS product was broadcast on Fox 25 CT television on April 20, 2013, and Kuhlman Services LLC will be happy to provide any interested client with complete laboratory results showing product comparisons.

The “Operator” product line

Stay mobile and protected. Personal defense product preferences change. At one time, because of the limitations of antiballistic products available, bulky and heavy products were sought after. Many law enforcement and private security operators have found however that flexibility and lightness often keeps them safer and more responsive than does the heavier products commonly found in the field with the military.

The “Operator “ line product line offers them protective body armor meeting their specific preferences, including antiballistic panels sized to fit into their field packs for even greater protection.

Custom configured panels can be provided to harden vessels and vehicles to providing an even greater level of protection with less weight added. The Operator line of products can encase the operator in a security cocoon of NIJ Level III A protection through panels in their vehicles or marine unit vessels at a fraction of the cost and weight of most other systems. The security cocoon also includes cruiser windscreen and side window.

The ”Mariner” product line

Professional maritime operators have also found that flexibility and lightness in body armor makes them safer and more responsive than does heavier products. Since the maritime industry is global in nature, the ability to wear the body armor comfortably when working and to travel easily with it on international flights have become important considerations that the MAG systems meet.

To be effective for marine and maritime use antiballistic products must be lightweight enough not to interfere with a vessel’s stability requirements. It must be virtually impervious to the UV, chemical degradation, and wear found on commercial vessels and around offshore oilfields. The same product must be able to be measured and fitted into the tight spaces found shipboard.

Like the Operator line of products, the “Mariner” line can encase the operators and crew in a cocoon of antiballistic strong points aboard ship. The Mariner line of products meets all of these requirements and even more. The products are buoyancy neutral and are easily maintained, installed, and removed by shipboard personnel. These products are a must for maritime operations around the world.

Interested parties can have their questions answered by contacting Kuhlman Services LLC, Castle Shipboard Security Program, or Marisector LLC at 954-529-6124 or http://www.sl-cssp.com.

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