FlagandBanner.com Experts Discuss Banning of Historic Gadsden Flag

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Earlier this month ABC News released a story about a town in New York banning the Gadsden Flag due to it being a "symbol" of the Tea Party. Experts from FlagandBanner.com a flag company with more than 38 years in the flag business discusses the history of the Gadsden and how it is not a symbol of any political party.

The modern Gadsden Flag.

The modern Gadsden Flag.

“The original flag was designed to show Great Britain that the American Colonies would no longer accept “being walked all over”, said FlagandBanner.com president Kerry McCoy.

Earlier this month, the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association in New Rochelle, New York were told they could not fly the Gadsden flag because it was seen as an “offensive” Tea Party symbol. The Gadsden flag is the bright yellow “Don’t Tread On Me” flag that has been seen most recently at Boston Marathon bombing memorials. The Gadsden flag ironically represents freewill against oppression.

The Gadsden is not a symbol of the Tea Party or any other political group. While the Tea Party group does use the Gadsden flag at rallies and political events, it is not their symbol. The Gadsden has been in use since the Revolutionary war. The Navy and Marine Corps first used it in 1775. Ships on the sea at a distance could easily see the bright yellow color.

“The original flag was designed to show Great Britain that the American Colonies would no longer accept “being walked all over”, said FlagandBanner.com president Kerry McCoy. “The colonists were angry about taxation and the very idea that a King who had never stepped foot on American soil could control their fate.”

The Gadsden flag has been used throughout American history as a symbol against oppression or in the last few decades, as a symbol to show the world that the American people will not be cowed by terrorism. Labeling the flag as a certain political parties’ flag would be an incorrect assumption.

The human race has used flags for more than 4,000 years according to researchers. The first flags were made of metal and then about 2000 years ago, fabric was added as decoration and then continued to evolve to the flags we know of today.

In medieval times, knights carried flags into battle so that the soldiers could tell friend from foe during the confusion of battle. Likewise, modern soldiers have flags sewn on their uniforms for easy identification during battle.

Today, every nation in the world has their own flag, with symbols or colors representing their nation. The American flag for example has 13 stripes to represent the original 13 colonies and 50 stars to represent the 50 states.

In America, every state has their own flag and many groups and corporations also have their own flags. The Olympic flag is a good example of a group using symbols as representation of their goals. The Olympic flag has 5 rings that represent the coming together of people from five continents in friendly competition.

Flags can represent many things at once including messages, identification, or just used for beautification. One flag may represent many different things to different people and one flag may have many different styles or uses.

In fact, the Gadsden flag itself has several more connotations from history, the snake against a white field, or a red and white striped field. You can see examples at FlagandBanner.com.

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