Weight Loss Surgery Can Not Only Affect Your Waist Line, But Can Affect Your Genes

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It’s been found that gastric bypass surgery not only helps those who are obese to lose weight quickly, but it’s been found that a person’s genes can also be affected by the surgery. Prescopodene Nutritionals feels there are other ways to lose weight besides surgery.

When a person goes through gastric bypass surgery, the change in their weight is dramatic and quick. But, as a side effect of the surgery, the remission of type 2 diabetes in a vast majority of its patients has been found to occur. According to Sciencedaily.com, researchers have noticed a difference in gene-expression alterations between those who had gastric bypass, and those obese individuals who did not.

"We provide evidence that in severely obese people, the levels of specific genes that control how fat is burned and stored in the body are changed to reflect poor metabolic health," says senior author Professor Juleen Zierath, of the Karolinska Institutet, in Stockholm, Sweden. "After surgery, the levels of these genes are restored to a healthy state, which mirrors weight loss and coincides with overall improvement in metabolism."

When a person goes through the weight loss of the surgery, there are changes in the patient’s DNA modifications that control gene expression in response to the change in environment. To be specific, differences in methylation on two different genes that control glucose and fat metabolism are connected with obesity are reversed after surgery induced weight loss. In a nutshell, this means that food intake or weight loss can affect gene expression through this mechanism.

"The novelty of our work originates with the finding that DNA methylation is altered by weight loss," says first author Romain Barrès, of the University of Copenhagen, in Denmark.

Although gastric bypass can help a person quickly get back a smaller body in a quicker amount of time, another method for losing weight without the invasive surgery is the diet supplement, Prescopodene. The diet pill was recently named one of the “Best Diet Pills of 2012” by The Diet Pill Review, an independent industry review group – Prescopodene earned perfect scores for safety, effectiveness, and speed of results.

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