Want Extraordinary Relationships? Use a North Star

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There is a way to get the relationships you most desire, with friends, family, coworkers, and your partner.

Every relationship you have will be impacted by this teleclass, including relationships with your extended family, children, and even ex-spouses.”

“Are you tired of feeling that relationships are a struggle, and they shouldn’t be so much work? Are you wondering how to mend a broken relationship or keep your relationships as fresh and new as when you first started?” asks Jennifer Diepstraten, co-founder of FamilyCo. “Then you need to know that great relationships, and even extraordinary relationships, are possible for everyone. It’s about creating the right mindset, actions, and environment to continue to appreciate yourself and each other, without feeling like you need to 'fix' yourself or your partner.”

Jennifer and Peter Diepstraten designed FamilyCo to be the “go-to” resource for training and development programs in an environment conducive to creating relationships, because knowing what to do and actually doing it are two totally different things. They educate people to think of themselves and others in an extraordinary way and to communicate effectively, thus forming a strong sense of partnership and connection.

”Shortly after we met, Peter asked me, ‘What do you want our relationship to represent for the rest of the world?’” says Jennifer. “I was amazed at that question! We created our ‘North Star’, which is a vision for our relationship that keeps us focused on what matters. The real benefit of this is that it helps us be great partners to each other, get over disagreements quickly, and move through adverse circumstances without so much drama.”

Jennifer and Peter have examined and experienced what makes relationships successful, and have pulled together the key information needed to start taking steps towards extraordinary relationships. There is a way to get the relationships that people desire, with friends, family, co-workers, and romantic partners. This is such a passion of Jennifer and Peter’s that they've developed a teleclass that is structured to provide the tools to impact any type of relationship immediately. “We’ve made this teleclass, Want Extraordinary Relationships? Use a North StarTM to Light Your Way, free to attend because we want all people to have these tools,” says Jennifer. “The North Star of our marriage and our company is what we call ‘empowering partnership’. We are your partners in creating relationships you love, having your family dynamics work, and having differences resolved.”

During this teleclass, Jennifer and Peter will be discussing: How to keep love and connection alive, regardless of the circumstances; why “fixing” romantic and non-romantic partners doesn’t work and what to do about it; "how to use your North StarTM" to navigate through the strains that life can put on relationships; and how each person can use their natural desire to have great relationships as a catalyst to get what they want.

They’ll also be sharing real stories of clients who were able to create relationships full of love and connection. This includes Nicki’s victory about how she created her first long-term love relationship in her late 40’s, and how Nicole was able to visit her father after not seeing him for many years, something she never thought she could do.

“Every relationship you have will be impacted by this teleclass, including relationships with your extended family, children, and even ex-spouses,” Jennifer says. “You deserve to have great relationships that you LOVE. If you’re ready to have tools and techniques you can use right now, then please join us”.

Check out the free teleclass, Want Extraordinary Relationships? Use a North StarTM, Thursday May 16th at 6pm Pacific Time. Here’s the link to sign up - https://xj118.infusionsoft.com/go/mayprpreviewcall/internal/.

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