Dance Pizazz’s Top Three Tips on How Dancing Can Boost Memory

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Dance Pizazz is aware of the many benefits ballroom dance offers in improving mental health.

“Where are the keys?” While this may seem like a common and harmless dilemma, not remembering where things are can also be the symptom of a larger issue. Memory loss is no laughing matter and can lead to host of ailments that can drastically affect an individual’s health. As per the Yale Daily News (, exercise can actually prevent long-term neurological problems. In other words, regular exercise –such as ballroom dancing- is essential in boosting learning and memorization ability.

Dance Pizazz, the St. Louis area friendliest, funnest dance studio (, appreciates the importance of movement and how it directly contributes to a healthier brain. Here are some ways ballroom dance can help the mind:

1. Dancing can improve how you process and remember information. The neurological pathways involved in creating and repeating body movement -such as with dance steps- stimulate and strengthen mental acuity. “Thinking on one’s feet” is never more apt than now, as the repeated movement not only improves learning, but boosts long- and short-term memory retention.

2. Dancing can drastically improve decision-making ability. Ballroom dance requires a mind and body connection unique to few other forms of exercise. As the dancer moves, a series of rapid-fire and split-second decisions must be made with the mind and followed through with the body. This is the manifestation itself of “flexing the brain,” which has been proven to “expand” memory capacity.

3. Dancing utilizes many types of brain functions at once. From kinesthetic and emotional processes, to musical and rational processes, dancing taps into many different aspects of your brain. This compels the brain to work and process information at a higher than normal level, which itself increases mental activity and memory ability.

Dance Pizazz is eager to continue sharing the considerable and varied benefits of ballroom dance. Through dancing, many have gained a stronger mind and body connection and have improved their overall health. Check out to see how other have used dance to boost their memory and sharpen their minds.

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