Shows Why Soviet Gold Is Attracting Professional Art Investors & Becoming A Leading Commodity Of The Russian Gold Market

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The latest analysis of several gold markets shows that Soviet Gold is two times more valuable than Gold of Imperial Russia. Collectors & Investors are buying this rare commodity in anticipation of market boom.

Soviet Gold vs Russian Gold Analysis 04.26.2013

Soviet Gold vs Russian Gold Analysis 04.26.2013


The latest analysis of three gold markets [collectibles, jewelry and art] clearly shows that “pound per pound” Soviet Gold is two times more valuable than Gold of Imperial Russia. Collectors and investors are rushing to buy this rare commodity. As groundbreaking as this is, it’s not surprising. Similar trends have been taking place in the art world for years. It is very common for contemporary and modern artworks to sell for much more money than classic works of art. Now the same trend is happening to the Soviet Gold Market.

“Collectors & Investors are Buying Soviet Gold Jewelry” performed an extensive multistage market analysis over the course of several months taking screenshots of vintage Soviet and Russian Gold items listed for sale on eBay as well as other marketplaces. The most vivid screenshots are shared in this report, the rest can be found on where the latest news on Soviet Gold & Silver is published.

“In 2013 the Soviet Gold Market became one of the most profitable alternative investments markers in North America.”

Important to note, Soviet Gold Jewelry was mass-produced in large amounts, in a relatively short period of time. It was also mostly machine-made and highly standardized. Gold jewelry of Imperial Russian was not. In order to make an accurate comparison to Soviet Gold Jewelry the focus had to be on Russian Imperial Gold items that were standardized and mass-produced in the similar manner. The closest match turned out to be the 1890-1914 Gold Ruble Coins of Imperial Russia. They produced the most accurate data for the comparison of the two markets.

Let’s look at the data [refer to attached images or visit our website]. Price-wise, Soviet Gold matched Russian Imperial Gold to the letter but their characteristics are far from equal. Soviet Gold is nearly half the gold purity, weight [in most cases] and age. What does this mean? If judged by mental characteristics alone [ex: 14K vs 22K] it becomes evident that Soviet Gold is two times more valuable than Gold of Imperial Russia. And if the factor of age is put into the equation [1900s vs 1980s] then Soviet Gold will be nearly three times more valuable than Russian Imperial Gold. That is why Soviet Gold is becoming such a lucrative investment for collectors and investors in North America and the World.

“The Soviet Gold Jewelry Market is the newest alternative investment market in the World!”

In December of 2012 first published this type of comparison, where Soviet Gold Jewelry went toe to toe with original 1912-14 Canadian gold coins [Canada’s first gold coins] that were released for public sale in mint condition by the Bank of Canada. Just like now, Canadian gold coins by all characteristics [purity, weight, age] were far superior to Soviet Gold and yet, even more expensive coins [valued well over $700] were easily matched by Soviet Gold Jewelry items.    

All gold investors, collectors, vintage jewelry retailers and even stock traders are highly advised to learn more about this new opportunity. Furthermore it is strongly recommended to acquire Soviet Gold as a collectible or an investment. Such recommendation is made based on detailed research which indicates that prices on this rare commodity will rise exponentially.

“Growing at nearly 200% per year Soviet Gold Jewelry is a rare collectible and a great investment.” is a market development organization for the Soviet Gold & Silver industry. More than anything we research, analyze and report about this unique commodity. To date we are the #1 Website for all Soviet Gold and Silver Jewelry affairs. We published three World’s first books about Soviet Jewelry in English language. We officially launched the Soviet Gold & Silver Jewelry Market. When it comes to Soviet Jewelry we are the leading and most trusted organization in the world. For more information about us, and investing in Soviet Gold, please visit our website at:

Disclaimer: has no vested financial interests in reported eBay or other sales. All statements in this report are an opinion. Act at your own risk. No liability shall be accepted for any actions caused by or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly from using the information contained in this report. Always consult your financial advisor.

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