Placed Launches the First Ratings Service for the Physical World, Placed Insights

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Leveraging the largest location panel in the world, Placed connects the digital and physical worlds measuring more than 1,000 businesses across 130 categories.

Top U.S. Businesses by In-Store Visitors

Top U.S. Businesses by In-Store Visitors

“Placed Insights is the ratings service for the physical world,” said David Shim, Founder and CEO of Placed, Inc.

Placed (, the leader in location analytics, today announced the launch of Placed Insights (, a groundbreaking solution that quantifies the paths and behaviors of consumers in the physical world. Placed Insights measures over 70 million locations a day across more than 70,000 panelists who have opted-in to share their location, creating the most accurate and comprehensive view of where people go in the offline world.

“Placed Insights is the ratings service for the physical world. Leveraging the world’s largest opt-in location panel, Placed is able to bring offline measurement to the 21st century, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions,” said David Shim, Founder and CEO of Placed, Inc. “Placed Insights gives retailers, brands, advertisers and publishers a direct view into the offline visitation trends and characteristics of their customers and their competitors delivered in near real-time. For the first time, consumers’ offline behaviors can be quantified with the same precision and granularity that have guided online analytics for more than a decade.”

Placed brings transparency to the offline world by mapping the consumption of place with the Place Graph. The Place Graph quantifies the relationship between people and places through direct consumer measurement, helping bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. By leveraging the Place Graph, Placed Insights measures U.S. consumer visitation at more than 130 business categories and 1,000 distinct business brands including retailers, restaurants, banks, hotels and more, providing actionable insights into consumer behavior by demographic segments and geographic regions.

“By applying advances in web and mobile technologies to the offline world, Placed is providing unprecedented transparency into an area of consumer behavior that has been plagued by antiquated measurement methods,” said Shane Atchison, CEO of POSSIBLE. “Placed Insights is the first solution that brings the idea of web analytics to the offline world, marking an important advancement in commerce technology for brick-and-mortar and multi-channel brands.”

The Placed Approach to Location Analytics
Placed leverages the largest opt-in location panel combined with patent-pending statistical models to provide clients with the most accurate view into consumers’ offline behaviors without the use of check-ins, diary methods or installing in-store hardware or software.

Placed has measured more than 13 billion locations to date, averaging 1,000 locations measured per panelist per day. The Placed Inference Pipeline takes this raw location data, combined with extensive metadata and proprietary modeling, and assigns that to a place. The data is then normalized to represent the U.S population, creating the first ratings service for the physical world.

“Placed has combined big data technology, innovative scientific modeling and trusted market research techniques to bring to market the first solution that makes location accessible and actionable to the masses,” said Paul Sutter, Co-Founder of Quantcast. “What Nielsen has done for TV, Arbitron for Radio, and comScore for online, Placed has now accomplished for the offline world.”

McDonald’s, Walmart and Subway Lead as the Most-Visited Businesses in the U.S.
The following insights are excerpts from the State of Place: Q1 2013. To download the full report, please visit: (

  •     Placed Insights released its inaugural ranking of the top businesses based on the percent of the U.S. population that frequented these brick-and-mortar destinations in March. The results found that McDonald’s led all businesses with nearly half of Americans age 14 and older visiting the quick service restaurant in March.
  •     Nearly 40% of consumers visited Walmart during the month, reaching nearly 3X as many visitors as Target.
  •     Subway ranked #3, while Burger King and Starbucks rounded out the top 5 each attracting 1 in 4 consumers.

Please visit the Placed website for the corresponding data charts: (

Restaurants on the Move

  •     Placed Insights features the ability to compare businesses on a monthly basis, providing insight into shifts in consumer visitation patterns.
  •     Analysis of the top food and beverage destinations in March 2013 vs. January 2013 found that Applebee’s jumped one spot to #7 on the heels of its 2 for $20 promotion, while Dunkin’ Donuts slipped one spot to #8.
  •     Sonic Drive-In saw the largest movement among the top 10, gaining three spots in the ranking and unseating KFC which slipped to #13.

Please visit the Placed website for the corresponding data charts: (

Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Sears and Kohl’s: Demographic Deep Dive

  •     Placed Insights features the ability to segment and compare visitors by key demographics including gender, age, income, ethnicity, children in household and education.
  •     Analysis of four leading department stores by demographics found that visitors to Kohl’s were more likely to be upper income and female compared to Sears, Macy’s and J.C. Penney. Index is defined as the tendency a visitor segment is more or less likely to frequent a destination when compared to the U.S. average, average representation = 100.
  •     Macy’s saw Caucasians least likely to visit their stores compared to the U.S. average (index of 86), while Asians, Hispanics and African Americans all significantly over indexed.
  •     Macy’s has been recognized as a main beneficiary of J.C. Penney’s recent challenges. Placed found that J.C. Penney visitors were 66% more likely to visit Macy’s than an average consumer, demonstrating the strongest affinity between any of the department stores featured and pointing to continued competition between the two retailers as J.C. Penney seeks to realign its strategy under new management.

Please visit the Placed website for the corresponding data charts: (

“With Placed Insights, advertisers and marketers finally have the ability to close the loop in mobile,” said Jeff Lanctot, CMO at Razorfish. “Building a campaign using quantified behaviors and measuring success based on driving target audiences into stores is a major step forward in accelerating mobile ad spend and measurement.”

To learn more about Placed Insights, please visit ( or contact sales(at)placed(dot)com.

About Placed Insights:
Placed Insights is the first ratings service for the physical world, providing actionable intelligence into the paths and behaviors of U.S. consumers across more than 130 business categories and 1,000 businesses. Based on the world’s largest location panel, Placed Insights combines innovative big data techniques with trusted market research methodologies to quantify offline consumer behavior. For more information on Placed Insights, please visit:

About Placed, Inc.
Placed provides clients the most complete understanding of what consumers do in the physical world – and turns that information into actionable insights. Founded in January 2011, Placed is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by Madrona Venture Group. For more information about Placed and its location analytics solutions, please visit:

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Top U.S. Businesses by In-Store Visitors