Popular Family Law Talk Show, Family Matters, Picked up for a Second Season by Independent Broadcasters CHCH and CHEK

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The only TV show ever hosted by a sitting judge once again turned down by national broadcasters; but picked up for a second season by regional independent broadcasters.

In its second season at CHEK and CHCH, Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone, is the only TV show ever hosted by an actual sitting judge. Justice Brownstone is the author of the bestseller: Tug of War: a Judge's Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court. He is considered the 'face and voice of the Canadian justice system;' and is likely the most recognizable judge in the country. Family Matters focuses on the relationship between modern family issues and the justice system, covering topics such as Internet dating, spousal and child support, addictions, parenting, social media, bullying, domestic violence, same-sex marriage/parenting, adoption, child protection, and infidelity. Justice Brownstone interviews social workers, lawyers, mediators, judges, psychologists, and everyday people to inform and entertain viewers on topics usually not discussed in a sophisticated, intelligent manner on TV.

Season 2 Trailer: http://youtu.be/sW8WgkzyJ4g
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FamilyMattersTV

Ian Mulgrew of the Vancouver Sun stated recently that legal ignorance seems to be a bigger priority for national broadcasters than legal education when comparing the government-funded reality show, Border Security to the privately-funded legal education show, Family Matters.

“Why does the federal government fund a controversial TV show that exploits would-be immigrants but not support an educational program about our legal system?”
                         Ian Mulgrew - Vancouver Sun April 25, 2013: http://ow.ly/kxYFZ

Over the past four years, Nancy Kinney, the producer of Family Matters and one of the most recognizable judges in Canada, Justice Harvey Brownstone, have worked tirelessly to bring intelligent, informative legal information and advice to the public, first with an online legal Q&A run by lawyers: advicescene.com, then with an educational TV show: familymatterstv.com. The pair just finished filming Season 2 of Family Matters which will begin airing on CHCH in Ontario and CHEK in BC on Saturday May 4, 2013 (1:30pm on CHCH and 6:30pm on CHEK). Last season, they offered all the shows to any broadcaster that wanted them (OWN, CTV, CBC and Ontario’s TVO) - for free; but only the regional independent stations were willing to take the episodes (CHCH in Ontario, CHEK, CKPG, and CFJC in BC). This season only CHCH and CHEK are airing the show (CKPG and CFJC were acquired by Bell/CTV since last season and will no longer take it). Yet it's the national broadcasters that receive funding to buy educational shows - not the independent stations.

“What it seems to come down to is that educating people on how the law works is not a priority for government. This kind of show should be a shoo-in on CBC in particular; and the legal Q&A should be government funded. Yet both have been turned down again and again for funding.”
                         Nancy Kinney - producer of Family Matters and CEO of AdviceScene

Sponsors of the show recently explained why it's so important to get this kind of information on national television:

“Family law touches virtually every Canadian and we should all learn more about our
rights and obligations. The consequences of a separation and divorce that go badly can have lasting effects on children--our next generation. Family law is without question the most emotional type of law to practice; people need a lot of support and resources when going through separation and divorce.”
Ontario Title Sponsor for Season 2: Andrew Feldstein, managing partner of Feldstein Family Law Group: separation.ca

“McConnan Bion O’Connor & Peterson is proud to sponsor the Family Matters public legal education program hosted by Mr. Justice Harvey Brownstone. The program offers accessible and relevant information on an area of law that many families in our community must confront. Our firm recognizes that the better families are able to inform themselves of their rights and obligations triggered upon a relationship breakdown, the more likely they will come to a fair and timely resolution.”
BC Title Sponsor for Season 2: Michael O’Connor, Managing Partner: mcbop.com

“Family lawyers and judges are all too aware of the crisis of unrepresented family law clients in the family court system across Canada. Studies show that a self represented party is stuck in the system longer and obtains poorer results. When a show comes along that answers key questions for these desperate people for free, one expects the national TV broadcasters to jump at the chance to provide a show that answers key questions for free. Family law affects more Canadians than any other area of law and it deserves a commitment of resources from the government and private and public broadcasters to improve the lives of all Canadians. Shame on the broadcasters who refuse to step up to the plate."
Q&A writer and performer for Season 2: Lorne Maclean, QC: Maclean Family Law Group: bcfamilylaw.ca

List of National Broadcasters and Supporters of the Show: http://ow.ly/kDUu3

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