Has Gold Lost Its Luster? Certified Gold Exchange Responds to New York Times

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Certified Gold Exchange’s vice president of marketing, Stewart Lawson, released a statement lambasting the notion that gold is not what it used to be.

A recent New York Times article claiming that gold may have lost its luster as a safe-haven investment vehicle has been read and shared thousands of times during the last couple of weeks, and one gold exchange has responded to the article with a slew of facts meant to refute the article’s claims.

Stewart Lawson, vice president of marketing for Certified Gold Exchange, believes that not only is gold’s bull run not over, but that Americans should expect the gold spot price to climb steadily for at least the next few years. “None of the factors that caused gold to start rising have reversed," Lawson said. "In fact, a large number of factors that are bullish for gold have intensified over the last couple of years."

How does Lawson explain gold’s recent $200 per ounce drop? “Institutions like the U.S. Mint, bullion dealers and even the Certified Gold Exchange have been selling bars and coins faster than they can replenish the shelves. Gold derivatives, such as ETFs, unallocated pool accounts and futures exchanges have been toying with the spot price lately. But the fact remains that the Federal Reserve is printing and spending unbacked currency incessantly, and in the long-term gold has no choice but to rise in value as a response," Lawson then added, “How many people do you know who are selling their gold right now? Outside of people who are liquidating jewelry because they need money, hardly no one."

The New York Times article claimed that things are looking up for our economy, but Lawson disagrees. “The only things that are ‘up’ are unemployment, food and energy costs, and real inflation. Savvy investors know that gold could skyrocket once our government is no longer able to keep a lid on how dire our fiscal situation really is, and that’s why they are buying right now instead of selling."

When asked about the article’s assumption that many individuals may have been under the impression that gold never loses value, Lawson scoffed. “Real investors know that every asset breathes, no investment ever goes straight up or down forever. From 1980 to 2001 gold was in a bear market, and anyone who is considering a gold purchase needs to be aware that it is very possible to lose money in the gold market.”

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