Turmeric Products Are Not All Alike, Christian Wilde's Newly Released, Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula (with 7 Additional Synergizing Ingredients) Is Totally Unique.

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Unprecedented interest in turmeric. Why are 15,000,000 Turmeric and Curcumin health articles found on Google searches? Are there turmeric health benefits we in the West can learn from India?

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Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula

According to one nationally recognized health author/researcher, the enormous body of scientific evidence supporting turmeric's role in preventing and mediating against chronic disease is undeniable. During several years of authoring the Christian Wilde Stem Cell Research Report, exploring adult stem cell breakthroughs in FDA trials for families, the research very often revealed dramatic benefits from turmeric as well. Impressed with the degree and quality of the turmeric information, he changed the name of his Christian Wilde Stem Cell Research Report to, The Stem Cell and TURMERIC Research Report. http://abigon.com. Many of the peer journal reviewed landmark studies for catastrophic, chronic ailments have been conducted by world leading turmeric researcher, Ph.D., Bharat Aggarwal at MD Anderson Medical Center. Other researchers as well, at other university medical centers including Sloan-Kettering, UCLA, Duke, Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland have continued to produce favorable study results for hundreds of chronic inflammatory conditions. http://www.abigon.com. India, China and Indonesia have used combinations of spices and herbs (as in the Enhanced Formula) to their health advantage for literally thousands of years. On many of his TV show episodes, Dr. Oz has acknowledged and praised Boswellia, Devil’s Claw and Bromelain’s ability to fight inflammation. Sloan-Kettering Medical Center found from their study that when turmeric is added in combination with green tea extract the effect is twice as much. One important fact to be aware of is that turmeric is not bio-available and 66% of the benefit is lost through the feces and urine unless piperine is added. http://abigon.com. The author's formula includes a generous 7.5 mgs of a patented form of piperine called Bioperine®. The Christian Wilde Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula incorporates all of above ingredients.

Research scientists have explained how turmeric functions as an anti-microbial, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immune stimulator and as a natural COX-2 inhibitor of inflammation for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. http://abigon.com. It is also currently used at medical centers as adjunct therapy in combination with chemotherapy and radiation achieving a better result. As amazing as it might seem, turmeric possesses the ability to perform as an agent in all of the above. What is surprising is why has it taken so long for this spice to finally be catching mainstream medical attention here in the West? Had pharmaceutical companies been successful in their bid to have the FDA grant a patent for turmeric when they applied for it many years ago, we would be seeing TV and print ads exalting the benefits of the spice and no doubt at a very handsome price. http://www.abigon.com. Researchers from UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine and Duke University have found India to have the lowest number of cases of Alzheimer’s and cancer and believe from their findings that turmeric may play a very prominent role in the lower numbers of these diseases.

It should be said, the FDA has not approved turmeric for treatment of any disease and this information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. http://www.abigon.com.

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