Essential Oils 101 – A Lesson in Aromatherapy Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing essential oils

Because of the increased interest in natural personal care products, essential oils have piqued the interest of many consumers. These are concentrated oils that come from various plants. Used in traditional medicine to promote healing and improve mood, essential oils are now widely used in personal care products. The latest article by Essential Oils 101 discusses the various uses and multiple benefits of essential oils.

Many Americans find themselves lacking energy, having difficulty sleeping and suffering from mood swings. Essential oils are said to have aromatherapeutic properties that can enhance mood and aid with anxiety issues as well as low energy. How can one incorporate essential oils into a busy lifestyle? Are there specific essential oils that are ideal for specific concerns? To find out, visit or click

The personal care industry has exploded with topical products infused with natural essential oils. Found in a variety of formulas from creams to serums, concentrated plant extracts are believed to improve the condition of the skin, working with the body to reduce the severity of various problems. How do essential oils affect the health of the skin? Which essential oils are beneficial for common issues such as dryness and inflammation? To find out, visit or click

Essential oils are a popular choice among consumers who prefer natural products. The green industry has experienced a considerable boom in the demand for skin care formulas that contain botanical extracts. What are the environmental benefits of using personal care products that contain natural extracts? Why should one look for pure essential oils in the ingredients list when shopping for natural skin care? To find out, visit or click

Although technology has advanced rapidly in all aspects of daily life, including personal care, many consumers have chosen to return to a simpler lifestyle. For many, this means adopting the wisdom of more ancient times. How did societies of the past use natural plant extracts in order to address common skin issues? How were essential oils discovered as useful tools for skin care? To find out, visit or click

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