Presentation nerves may not be caused by lack of confidence

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In a report published by The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy last week, only 23% of people presenting with presentation nerves thought they lacked confidence and 52% of people presenting with lack of confidence said they had no problem giving presentations at work and their private life, specifically wedding speeches.

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Paul Howard hypnotherapist - anxiety specialist

We see many students on our courses that have had training that consisted of learning techniques with no idea of how and when to apply them

Hypnotherapy for presentation nerves is a very common issue presented by clients at The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy. However, most people and indeed therapists mistakenly believe that it is all about confidence.

Paul Howard, anxiety specialist at the Surrey Institute believes that although confidence is often an issue it's not the whole story. He believes that hypnotherapists that use hypnotherapy for confidence techniques on clients with presentation nerves are often missing important factors that will effect the outcome negatively.

Howard believes that in many cases the problem is about the negative beliefs that the client holds about themselves. These beliefs are projected out to the audience and are then reflected back and they believe that the audience now holds those beliefs and therefore judges the person that way.

Understanding the true nature and cause of anxiety conditions is of paramount importance if the hypnotherapist is going to be effective at treating anxiety. Unfortunately many of the hypnotherapy training courses out there are not taught by experts in their field.

Many hypnotherapy courses are taught by trainers that never see clients and in some cases have not seen more than a few dozen clients in their career. This leads to sub standard training based on information they have obtained from books on the subject which may be, at best, out of date and at worst, completely inappropriate.

Paul Howard, Institute Director and Marketing Director for the National Council for Hypnotherapy, said "We see many students on our courses that have had training that consisted of learning techniques with no idea of how and when to apply them. Often the students have to write numerous essays, to what end I have no idea. Hypnotherapy is a practical business and the training should reflect that."

Presentation nerves are a form of specific social phobia that affects a large percentage of the working population.

People with presentation nerves often find they lead ‘normal’ lives and can get along fine in most social situations. However, when needed to give a presentation at work or in their private lives they find they go to pieces. They dry up, can’t think of anything to say, feel stupid, embarrassed and humiliated.

The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy is committed to raising awareness to the help that hypnotherapy for anxiety can bring to sufferers. It is far cheaper and more sensible to remove the anxiety at the source than to relieve the symptom in the short term using drugs.

For most people the main question in their mind is does hypnotherapy work? However, with the amount of research available showing the efficacy of hypnotherapy with anxiety, the question they should be asking is how quickly will it work?

Paul Howard has been practising hypnotherapy at the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Wallington, Surrey for over 11 years. He specialises in hypnotherapy for anxiety and psoriasis and is a Fellow and the Marketing Director for the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

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