Busy Professionals Use Astrology as Tool for Self-Development

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How psychologists, social workers and other consultants use astrology to help clients create success is this week's topic on the new internet radio show Dead Astrologers Society. The show, hosted by Donna Woodwell, airs live on Thursday, May 9, 2013, at 7 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific on ParaManiaRadio.com.


Astrologers help clients view their life circumstances from a unique, holistic perspective.

Astrologers have a unique perspective on the relationship between the heavens and the humans. The best sessions occur when the astrologer can convey that information, in a way the client can use to figure out what to do for themselves.

In uncertain economic times, a growing number of professionals are seeking advice in an unlikely place – astrology.

"My clients are intelligent, creative and successful people who want to live lives filled with purpose and a sense of connection with their own soul's calling," says Donna Woodwell, Austin, Texas, astrologer and host of the internet radio show Dead Astrologers Society. "From the ancient Greeks to the Renaissance to today, astrology has been used to help people cultivate their passion and follow their bliss."

Astrology, a practice that explores the relationship between planetary cycles of time and events on earth, goes far beyond 12-signs horoscopes found online or in magazines. It's a powerful tool used by psychologists, social workers, financial planners and business coaches to help clients live in alignment with their values.

"The question 'What does your soul want of you?' is at the heart of my work," says Hadley Fitzgerald, a psychotherapist and astrologer from the Los Angeles area. "In my practice I seek to aid clients to find a spiritual context and language for the exploration of personal issues, to examine their deeper meaning as well as the process by which they seem to be unfolding."

Astrologers are often asked to provide insight on a wide array of issues, from vocational choices, to relationships, to health and financial concerns, and more. Astrologers also help clients choose auspicious days for things like launching a business, getting married, or choosing a place to live.

"Many clients seek an astrologer when they are faced with a major life change – a divorce, a lost job, a choice of relocation options – or just feel like something's missing," says Richard Smoot, a social worker and creator of the International Society for Astrological Research's consulting skills training program.

"Astrologers have a unique perspective on the relationship between the heavens and the humans. The best sessions occur when the astrologer can convey that information, in a way the client can use to figure out what to do for themselves," Smoot said.

Most sessions with an astrologer begin with collecting a client's birth information. "Before a session, an astrologer will use the client's date, place and time of birth to create a map of the sky as seen from the place he or she was born, called a chart," explains Woodwell. "A chart is a unique blueprint for the psyche, written in the language of the soul. Therefore it can be used to describe any situation from the perspective of the soul."

"Like lawyers and physicians, astrologers are professionals; some even have specialties. Before booking an appointment, consider an astrologer's education, experience and specialization. You'll also want to seek someone whom you feel you connect with," says Woodwell. "Like any profession, there's a range of expertise in the marketplace, so above all, use your common sense when choosing an astrologer."

The Dead Astrologers Society airs live Thursdays at 7 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific on the ParaMania Radio Network. The show is also available on demand via iTunes.

"Our guests on the Dead Astrologers Society explore the myriad ways star wisdom has fired our imaginations over the centuries," says Woodwell. "From the ancient Babylonians and Greeks, from China to Central America, from the Renaissance to today, we continue to look up in wonder, yearning for connection and meaning."

ParaMania Radio was founded in 2011 by Jenny Stewart and David Erickson. "We wanted a place that offered diversity in a positive place for anyone who seeks knowledge of anything metaphysically based," says Stewart. "Our motto has always been 'Shining the light on the Paranormal' and we're pleased to see our vision made manifest."


Change-catalyst Donna Woodwell lives in Austin, Texas. An astrologer, hypnotist and writer, she works with clients to creatively navigate life's transitions. Owner of Four Moons Astrology, she serves on the board of the International Society for Astrological Research and as an instructor at Kepler College. Her blog La Vita Luna: Living Gracefully in a Changing World is featured on Astrology.com.

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