Chin Implants Passé? Creating the Perfect Profile Without Surgery

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Balance and symmetry in the face can be achieved without surgery with the use of dermal fillers, which can create a naturally appearing chin, a demand that may have been instigated by the increasing use of video chat technologies. New York Cosmetic, Skin & Laser Surgery Center's Medical Director, Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, M.D., has found years of success in achieving patient’s cosmetic goals with the use of Radiesse to create a brand new chin in minutes without surgery.

Radiesse is an effective non-surgical tool for chin augmentations,” says Dr. Rokhsar. “Especially because the patient can guide and control the amount of correction that should be done during the procedure.

A strong and angled jawline creates a harmonious and balanced face. The chin plays a large part in structuring the jawline and by strengthening the appearance of a receding chin, patients’ can improve the overall appearance of the face and profile. Besides strengthening a weak chin, chin augmentations can restore balance by creating the illusion of a smaller nose. Although the chin can be augmented either surgically or non-surgically, surgery has become a thing of the past because of several drawbacks.

Chin implant surgery poses the risk of the displacement of the implant. The implant may move from physical movements or contact, which will result in discomfort and possible swelling of the tissue. Scars, downtime, and risk of infection are also consequences to be aware of when choosing a surgical procedure such as a chin implant. That’s why the non-surgical alternative can provide greater benefits for the time-constrained surgery averse patients who wish to guide their chin augmentation procedure from start to finish.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the chin augmentations’ recent popularity rise may be due to the increased usage of video chat technology. As video chat becomes more of a popular form of communication in modern day society, people are becoming more conscious of themselves mirrored on their computer and phone screens.

Fillers, such as Radiesse, are being used to strengthen and contour the chin to the patient’s face structure. Injectable dermal fillers have evolved in cosmetic dermatology over the years, first as collagen, then hyaluronic acid, and now the long lasting Radiesse. What sets Radiesse apart from other injectable fillers is its durability, longevity and malleability to accurately contour the chin to the patient’s desire. Results are immediate and highly visible with virtually no downtime, which makes the traditional surgical chin augmentation an antiquated and inconvenient treatment.

Radiesse is a volumizing filler that acts as a scaffold for underneath the skin. In addition to being a widely used filler for smoothing deep facial folds and wrinkles, it can also be used to perform non-surgical nosejobs and chin augmentations. Radiesse works by replacing the skin’s own depleted collagen and triggering the production of new collagen.

Radiesse is made up of very small, smooth Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres that are suspended in a water-based gel that remain soft and malleable after injection. Calcium hydroxylapatite is a naturally occurring mineral that makes up 50 percent of the bones in the human body as well as the enamel covering the teeth. Because Radiesse is a natural mineral found in the body, it will not cause any allergic reactions and is completely biodegradable.

Radiesse immediately creates volume, while stimulating collagen production. Collagen production is key to younger and fuller looking skin as it is a naturally occurring protein responsible for keeping the skin tight and smooth. Located in the dermis, the layer located just beneath the epidermis, collagen has the ability to partially reverse the aging process.

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, M.D., has been performing chin augmentations with Radiesse for years and has found success in meeting patients’ cosmetic goals because he can follow the natural contours of the person’s own chin. This allows Dr. Rokhsar to precisely inject small amounts of Radiesse in order to build the chin and balance the facial profile, which ultimately provides the patients with results as subtle or dramatic as they want.

“Radiesse is an effective non-surgical tool for chin augmentations,” says Dr. Rokhsar. “Especially because the patient can guide and control the amount of correction that should be done during the procedure.”

Results typically last six months to a year, but have been shown to last a year or more in some patients. Because Radiesse is not permanent, it can be useful for ambivalent patients who would like to test out a chin augmentation without having to commit to a permanent solution. For patients who are satisfied with their chin augmentation but would like more permanent results without surgery, ArteFill is a four to five year treatment solution.

To those who are looking for a larger lasting non surgical option, ArteFill is another type of injectable dermal filler similar to Radiesse except its unique precision-filtered microspheres and enhanced collagen are not absorbed by the body. It can also be used to smooth wrinkles and provide facial structure in hollow places such as sunken in cheeks. ArteFill’s soft, supportive foundation creates a longer lasting chin augmentation that can take 15 to 30 minutes with no downtime. With these safe and effective non-surgical options made available, chin augmentations can easily correct a weak chin to proportion it to a person’s natural bone structure.

Dr. Cameron K. Rokhsar, M.D., is a leading authority on laser surgery and non invasive procedures. A graduate of Harvard and New York University, Dr. Rokhsar is a fellowship-trained dermatologist and laser surgeon and extensively published medical author and Professor of Dermatology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His offices are located in New York City and Garden City, Long Island.

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