hfa Enlists Linebacker, Jouster for New LP Siding Marketing

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To communicate the impact resistance of LP® SmartSide® treated engineered wood siding to both trade and consumer audiences, Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. (hfa) found forceful solutions in football, jousting and an air cannon.

To communicate the impact resistance of LP® SmartSide® treated engineered wood siding to both trade and consumer audiences, Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. (hfa) found forceful solutions in football, jousting and an air cannon.

As part of an LP SmartSide awareness and education campaign, hfa created three 60-second videos, a web landing page (http://www.lpsmartside.com) to house the new videos and additional social media assets. The landing page links to a new LP SmartSide consumer website that hfa created. The website provides consumers with inspiration for using LP products in interior and exterior home construction (http://www.smartsidenow.com/design-planner/index.aspx).

This marketing is designed to support LP’s trade customers, including builders and remodelers, for their sell-in to consumers.

LP is one of North America’s largest building products companies, and the LP SmartSide brand is one of the fastest-growing brands of siding in the United States. hfa is a full-service marketing and communications firm based in Akron, Ohio, that has proven success marketing building products.

Authentic torture tests
LP SmartSide is a scientific breakthrough in a class of its own, and the marketing can help the public understand its significance through product comparison tests with an entertaining twist.

A quirky crew of lab testers performs unconventional/over-the-top experiments that destroy other home siding materials such as fiber cement and vinyl siding again and again but continually fail to conquer the strength of LP SmartSide siding. These strangely scientific torture tests bring personality and fascination to the brand.

For example:

  •     A linebacker smashes into siding samples mounted to a tackling dummy. As with a durable wide receiver, only LP SmartSide siding “walks away” unscathed.
  •     A Storm Force Striker custom-built air cannon hurls 65 mph golf balls at siding samples. The balls score a hole in all but LP SmartSide siding.
  •     An armored jouster rumbles on his steed toward siding samples. Only LP SmartSide siding withstands the lance.

Bold, intellectual and relevant
Ben Skoog, LP SmartSide business marketing manager, said, “This LP SmartSide marketing was developed to shatter any myth that fiber cement and vinyl siding are as impact resistant as LP SmartSide siding. Among our trade targets, if a new product can be proven, they will use it. For consumers, we want to motivate them to investigate what LP SmartSide siding is and offers.”

The videos were shot with a Phantom camera at 3,000 frames per second to capture moments of impact with siding samples. The point was to show impact forces and the real damage caused by contact to siding. If siding can withstand these tests, then it has durability for a consumer’s home, where errantly thrown baseballs, lawnmower-projected objects, other mishaps and hail may happen.

For authenticity, the linebacker is a semi-pro football player. The jouster actually jousts at Renaissance festivals. The air cannon, a.k.a. Storm Force Striker, was built by a well-known special effects professional who worked on the movie “Twister.”

Truth in marketing
Jack DeLeo, hfa president/CEO, said, “A key advantage of LP SmartSide products is their impact resistance, and this campaign reinforces that message against fiber cement siding and vinyl siding. LP SmartSide siding seeks to be the siding of choice where the look of wood is preferred.”

Testing was not scientific but it was consistent for all siding materials within each video. For example, consistencies in the football video were the same linebacker running the same distance between the tester and mounted siding.

Kevin Kinsley, hfa VP/client development, said, “This marketing is rational, emotional and authentic. We recruited an actual linebacker for the football video. The jouster is a real jouster – he’s on his own horse in the video. We commissioned what we call the Storm Force Striker for the air cannon that propels the golf balls into the materials.”

The payoff in the videos: “It's official ... LP SmartSide withstands impact better than other siding. Learn more at http://www.lpsmartside.com.” The videos are easily sharable.

View the videos, landing page and website at http://www.lpsmartside.com.

About hfa
Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. (hfa), a leading full-service marketing agency in Northeast Ohio, was named one of the Top Workplaces 2012 Northeast Ohio by The Cleveland Plain Dealer. hfa's areas of expertise encompass branding, research, strategic planning, interactive solutions, social media marketing, public relations and media for retail, industrial, automotive, medical, travel, building product and government clients. To learn more, please visit http://www.teamhfa.com.

About LP SmartSide
Beautiful LP SmartSide treated engineered wood trim and siding comes in cedar and smooth texture designs and cuts with standard woodworking tools. These products are comparatively lightweight and durable for less breakage and easy installation. They come in varying widths and lengths for fast installation and fewer seams. LP SmartSide trim and siding are treated with the SmartGuard® process for strength and to resist fungal decay and termites. LP SmartSide combines superior workability with unmatched durability, backed by a 5/50-year limited warranty. Visit http://www.smartsidenow.com/products/exterior.aspx.


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