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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today answering common questions regarding hair loss

While in the past thinning hair and hair loss have often only been associated with men, more and more women are reporting the problem and many are looking for ways to address the issue. Hair loss can cause self-esteem issues and therefore it is often considered a cosmetic issue for women. The latest article by Answers to Top Five Thinning Hair Questions addresses some of the most common questions women have regarding hair loss.

Because thinning hair is such a common problem with women, the beauty industry has responded with various solutions. Many women who have been frustrated by their hair loss and thinning have experienced an improvement using topical over the counter products. Are any of the products approved by the FDA specifically for hair loss in women? Are these products effective at not only reducing hair loss but also promoting new healthy growth? Are there any side effects to the most popular hair loss products on the market? To find out, visit or click

Many women find it very frustrating to see their once thick and lush hair become thinner and thinner over the years. Some women who had fine hair to begin with find themselves with extreme thinning after a certain age. How does menopause affect the health of the hair and what role do hormones play when it comes to hair follicles? What is the main cause of hair thinning in women and does it differ from that of men? There are many prescription and over the counter remedies available for male pattern baldness but are the same options available for women? To find out, visit or click

For many women, addressing the symptoms of hair loss is a matter of combining a product or device that promotes healthy growth and reduces early fallout with another product that makes the hair look thicker instantly. How can women effectively manage their thinning hair and regain self-esteem with topical products? Which products are proven effective at addressing hair loss and which products give hair strands an instant boost? Which formulas on the market are safe to use by women? To find out, visit or click

In addition to thinning hair, many women experience thinning of the eyelashes. In some cases, the lashes fall out early, leaving a sparse lash line. While common cosmetics and improper makeup removal are often to blame, the natural aging process can cause the lashes to thin just like the hair on one’s head. Are there products that are safe to use around the delicate eye area? How do these products reduce early fallout and promote a healthier lash line? How do eyelash conditioning products work and how are they typically applied? To find out, visit or click

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