A Park Once Damaged by Salty Water Gets Its Beauty Back, Thanks to an Unforeseen Technology

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Eco1st recently helped a park overcome its irrigation water related challenges, with the implementation of a unique Irrigation Enhancer technology. "It is good to see a product that works!" said Tony Baumann.

A park once damaged by salty water gets its beauty back, thanks to an unforeseen technology.

In the Summer of 2012, a relationship with Rotary Park in Bullhead City, Arizona presented Eco1st Technology Group with an opportunity to prove their water treatment systems effectiveness. While Eco1st has used their Irrigation Enhancers on turfgrass before, the circumstances at Rotary Park allowed unexpected results to occur on two separate occasions in a single growing cycle.

Rotary Park occupies 35 acres adjacent to the Colorado River. To irrigate the turf required for soccer, football, and baseball fields, the park draws from wells and stores the water in a nearby pond. The well water is very salty—a common problem in the American Southwest. Because accumulated salts hinder water infiltration and nutrient absorption, the turf was patchy, stunted, yellowing, and tough.

Bullhead City's Mayor couldn't help but notice these poor conditions as he regularly frequented the park to see his children play sports. The Mayor and other parents felt the poor grass quality was simply unacceptable and potentially unsafe. The Mayor took action, Bullhead City’s Parks and Recreation Department hired Tony Baumann of Baumann Water Works, a turf consultant to address the issue. Through research, Tony discovered Eco1st Technology Group and their product line of Irrigation Enhancers. In June 2012, Rotary Park decided to rent and install an 8" Irrigation Enhancer on a trial bases, to see if It would help overcome their salt and growth problem.

The Irrigation Enhancer is known as a "Industrial Fluid Ionizer." On the company's website, http://www.irrigationenhancer.com, they provide customer videos and testimonials, each stating their individual success stories while using the equipment with salty irrigation water. But the question is, will it work here at Bull Head City Park? The ionized water is said to no longer bond to salt formations, penetrate soils unrestricted and reach root zones rapidly. All of which, promotes increased plant health and reduced plant stress. It almost seemed too good to be true but there wasn't many other options. Once the Irrigation Enhancer was installed. "I immediately saw better results and continued to see improvement in the turf," said Tony Baumann. The turf grew healthy, green and full within weeks and there was an noticeable improvement.

The Irrigation Enhancer had been installed at around the same time the park had started a new fertilizer program, the Manager of the Parks and Recreation Department was not convinced the improved turf was a result of the Irrigation Enhancer. He notified Eco1st of his decision to disconnect and return the equipment and explained that the park would need time to get the appropriate packaging for return. Disappointed and puzzled, Eco1st accepted and waited for the equipment to be returned.

The Irrigation Enhancer was uninstalled at Rotary Park in mid September. As days passed and the park prepared the equipment for return, it became obvious salt structures were reforming in the soil and the turf began yellowing and dying off again. The Parks and Recreation Manager contacted Eco1st two weeks later, this time to arrange to keep the equipment. The new fertilizer program did not in fact fix the problem. Eco1st happily extended the rental. Again, almost immediately after the Irrigation Enhancer was re-installed, the turf’s quality improved. There are other products and equipment that make these claims but most are just claims. "It is good to see a product that works!" said Tony Baumann. Rotary Park continues to enjoy their lush healthy turf to this day and you can bet they will not be sending their Irrigation Enhancer back any time soon.

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