Primus Cable Announces Top Cable Networking Products for 2013

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Primus Cable announces some of their top cable networking products for 2013.

Top Cable Networking Products for 2013

Top Cable Networking Products for 2013

Here at Primus Cable our mission is clear. We want to bring you the highest quality networking cables on the market. In this post we list some of the top cable products of 2013

"Here at Primus Cable our mission is clear. We want to bring you the highest quality networking cables on the market. In this post, we list some of the top cable products of 2013. Our hope is that by providing this list, consumers and businesses will be able to easily find top networking products." said Richard Navock, CEO of Primus Cable

Top Cable Networking Products for 2013

1.     Shielded Cat5e Outdoor Cable with Waterblock Tape
This high-performance data communications cable has an outdoor-ready construction and provides a basic degree of water resistance. Designed to handle all your data, telco, video, and security needs, this cable comes with waterblock tape. While not intended for long term submersion, it does work to protect the cable from moisture and liquid. The network cable is an excellent choice for any outdoor or direct burial application.

2.     CAT6 Fire-Retardant Ethernet Cable
This Category 6 network cable is versatile enough for residential and commercial installations. The high-quality design features Cat6 solid unshielded cable for unmatched attenuation and crosstalk capability. Plus, the jacket’s flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen, makes this cable a perfect solution for fire hazard areas.

3.     MIG+ Cat6 UTP Plenum Ethernet Cable
Capable of handling speeds up to 550 MHz, this Category 6 networking cable has an interior isolation spline to keep wire pairs separated. The spline ensures superior performance, keeping the pairs twisted tightly and preventing crosstalk between wires. The Plenum (UL listed) jacket makes the cable ideal for any place where fire is a possibility. The jacket self-extinguishes, emits fewer toxins, and produces minimal smoke.

4.     Cat5e Ethernet Cable
This basic networking cable meets and exceeds CAT5E T568B standards and comes either UL listed or ETL verified. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing Ethernet network, this cable is an outstanding choice. It’s also a great network accessory for residential installations. Cable markings indicate length of cable remaining after use.

5.     Cat5e Plenum Ethernet Cable
Tested to 350 MHz, this Cat5E networking cable is made for installation in indoor air duct systems. Previously tested for proven performance, the C5UP-5041BL network cable has a plenum jacket and can handle low temperature settings. Our plenum cable is UL listed.

6.     Cat7 Ethernet Cable, Individually Shielded Pairs
Made to enhance a wide variety of network applications, the C7SS-116GY cable can handle data, video, security and much more. It has top-of-the-line Category 7 characteristics, making it an ideal cable for your home, office and elsewhere. This cable is backward-compatible (to Class D and Class E) and can be used on a wide variety of communication systems. This cable offers superior performance and reliability, including PoE and VoIP capabilities. Four ordering options allow custom performance for your specific requirements.

7. Cat6 Ethernet Cable
Ultra-fast performance is the hallmark of this Category 6 cable that is UL listed or ETL verified. Enhance your existing network, or build from the ground up. Supplied in a 1000-foot pull box, the cable has length markings for added convenience. It’s a good option for any high speed data application, up to and including 550 MHz speeds. Ideal network applications include Gigabit Ethernet, fast Ethernet, 155Mbps TP-PMD/CDDI and more. For indoor installation only, this cable has a tough PVC jacket (in your choice of popular colors) to prevent rips, tangles and snags.

8. USA Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cable
Versatile performance defines this Primus Cable. The C6UP-4605TW has a durable, flame retardant jacket outside, and a wire-separating spline inside. The result is a robust, versatile cable that will handle all of your network needs, including Video Conferencing/Imaging, Desktop Publishing, Broadband Video and much more. Made in the USA.

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