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Shaolin Institute martial arts school in Atlanta metro has announced a unique oriental cultural summer camp for children and teens (ages 8 and up) beginning June 3rd. While traditional summer camps focus on keeping kids “busy” for several hours a day, grand master Shi Deru has designed a camp program that immerses children in the Shaolin “way of life,” delivering a fun, educational, physically and mentally stimulating experience children will benefit from and enjoy.

Shaolin Institute in metro Atlanta has announced a unique cultural summer camp for children and teens (ages 8 and up) beginning June 3rd. While traditional summer camps focus on keeping kids “busy” for several hours a day, grand master Shi Deru has designed a camp program that immerses children in the Shaolin “way of life.” Children will enjoy days of physical and mental activities, delivered through fun and educational culture experiences.

Utilizing Shaolin Kung Fu as a vehicle for teaching children a host of valuable life-lessons, master Deru’s oriental culture and Kung Fu summer camp teaches the arts that made Shaolin warriors so renowned.

Children and teens may participate in the camp program, commuting daily to Shaolin Institute in Norcross or “in-residence” (living at the Norcross campus 24/7), studying and training under the direction of master Deru and his Shaolin Temple protégés. The summer camp program will develop the high level of discipline, mental attitude, and physical conditioning of a Shaolin warrior in a safe, fun, and stimulating environment.

A few of the added benefits of the camp training program are improved flexibility and balance, physical fitness, confidence, self-esteem, focus, self-control, and a feeling of well-being. As Master Deru states, “This camp is not about keeping children ‘busy.’ It’s about teaching children skills and life-lessons that encourage mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.”

Shaolin Kung Fu summer camp is offered in increments of 1 to 4 weeks, running June 3rd through June 29th. The program will include: meditative focus, mind discipline, and relaxation training, Chan nutrition education, Asian arts and crafts lessons, conditioning exercises, mandarin language classes, Kung Fu forms training, Shaolin warrior’s self-defense combat training, and Shaolin warrior’s weapons skills.

In addition to this curriculum, “In-residence” campers (live in students) will receive more skills in advanced Kung Fu training, learning alongside Deru’s elite SWAT members (Shaolin warrior attitude team), as well as Tai Chi, Sanshou kickboxing and Tai Gong lessons.

"The ancient Shaolin way of life is built upon important core values such as: honor, integrity, respect, strength of character, discipline, and perseverance" says Shi Zhongqin, a Shaolin warrior master from the Shaolin Temple, China.

Shaolin Temple grand master Shi Deru (aka:Shawn Liu) came to the U.S. over 20 years ago as an ambassador for Shaolin culture and martial arts. After 30 years training and teaching in China, has dedicated over 20 years of teaching, training, and coaching the top martial artists around the world -- including the U.S.Kung Fu Sanshou world championship team.

Master Deru has devoted his life to educating people about the extraordinary benefits of the Shaolin way of life and Chan (Zen) “mindset.” As a 31st generational descendant of the late Shaolin Temple Abbott, spiritual leader and great grand master Shi Suxi, grand master Shi Deru and his temple protégés are uniquely qualified to teach children authentic Shaolin cultural and martial arts, while teaching life-lessons that will serve children for an entire lifetime.

"This is the way of training that Shaolin Institute masters build the warrior within." the director of the camps explains, "At Shaolin Institute’s summer camp Kung Fu masters utilize martial arts to stimulate children’s natural enthusiasm, creativity, and energy, while teaching them to direct it toward positive goals." she continues.

In the process of learning self defense and martial art skills the values you have embraced are reinforced. Children who participate in the summer camp will acquire the following knowledge:

1. Life Skills
Students will learn and train in honor, integrity, respect, strength of character, discipline, and perseverance.

2. Valuable Mental and Physical Skills
Students will learn mind-body awareness, mental and physical resilience, physical strength, mental and physical conditioning and great fitness

3. Kung Fu Skills:
Students will learn traditional Shaolin forms, personal safety sense, self-defense-offensive maneuvers, and Shaolin agility skills.

4. Chinese (Mandarin) Language Skills
Students will learn basic phonetics (Ping Yin), basic conversation, and writing important Chinese characters.

5. Ancient Wisdom and Secrets of the Warriors Story Telling
Students will learn Confucius (孔子Kong Zi), Lao Zi (老子),Sun Zi (孙子), and three kingdoms of warriors…

6. Oriental Cooking:
Each student will try oriental foods, and learn about traditional Chan nutrition.

7. Arts and Crafts
Students will also learn traditional Chinese paper cutting, Chinese painting and Calligraphy

For more information, contact (770) 286-9808 or visit their website, http://www.shaolin-world.net

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