New Study Indicates Fasting is Good for Heart and Blood Sugar Health, Suggesting Appetite Suppressants Like Prescopodene May Aid in Overall Health

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Recent research revealed that fasting may be more beneficial to the cardiovascular system than once thought, meaning that appetite suppressing supplements like Prescopodene by Prescopodene Nutritionals may be beneficial to the process.

The consequences of fasting have long been debated. However, a new publication suggests that intermittent calorie control may actually be more positive than was once thought, implying that appetite suppressants such as Prescopodene may actually aid in overall health and wellness.

In a study published in the March/April 2013 edition of The British Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease, Dr. James E. Brown from the Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing & School of Life and Health Sciences examined intermittent fasting, its advantages and disadvantages. Primarily, he looked at various pieces of research that has been conducted on animals.

Some of the benefits of fasting every so often included increased life span, greater health and reduced likelihood of disease. Some of the health problems that limiting calories on a regular basis can help avoid were cardiac issues, cancer and certain neurological problems.

Dr. Brown looked at two primary types of fasting: every other day and two days a week (specifically days 3 and 5 in a seven day period). He found the latter method to be more effective when it comes to losing weight, improving blood sugar and increasing overall health.

He also points out that fasting has been around for ages and the positive effects have been known since the 1940’s, but it was even in Biblical times that Daniel took part in a fast. He goes on to say that restricting calories helps to reduce inflammation, assist with proper blood sugar function and even lower blood pressure.

Therefore, participating in regular fasts has been shown repeatedly to have advantageous results. This suggests that appetite controlling supplements, such as Prescopodene, may make it easier to partake in this healthy ritual and gain the benefits that fasting affords.

Prescopodene is an all-natural weight loss supplement that suppresses appetite, increases energy and aids in weight loss. It contains ingredients such as green tea, grape seed extract, vitamin C and ginger root.

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