Bulletproof Coatings for Schools and Homes

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Turn our School Classrooms and homes into Bullet resistant Safe Rooms.

GigaCrete, Inc., a leading "green" building-materials manufacturer based in Las Vegas, is pleased to announce that the Company has developed BallistiCrete™, a protective wall coating with extraordinary impact resistance.

In April 2013, KFOR-TV (Oklahoma City, OK) and KSNV-TV (Las Vegas, NV), two NBC affiliates, documented the visible proof that a two-inch thickness of BallistiCrete plaster, applied to the interior drywall of an ordinary wood-framed wall structure, stopped incoming bullets fired from high-powered guns and rifles at a distance of 25 yards from target. The same fire-power at 25 yards, unleashed upon an identical wall structure not protected by BallistiCrete, ripped through the sample with high-velocity killing power. The NBC affiliates filmed and broadcast the test. It is available for viewing at these websites.


Andrew Dennis, founder of the Company and inventor of BallistiCrete™, commented, “There were numerous expressions of astonishment at the test site. Guns and Ammo Garage of Las Vegas challenged the exterior-face of wall panels with the most powerful firearms at their disposal, and the two-inch BallistiCrete interior coating showed no damage at all, whereas the control sample resembled Swiss cheese after similar punishment. Anyone behind that unprotected wall panel would have been killed.”

Guns and Ammo Garage, a licensed Las Vegas shooting range, hosted the BallistiCrete tests. There were three wall panels employed as targets. The first of these was a control sample measuring 4 ft. x 3 ft. x 5 inches of typical construction: 2x4 studs at 16 inch on-center; outside – 5/8 inch OSB, plus vapor barrier and three coats of regular stucco; inside – 1/2 inch drywall over studs. The second two panels were identical to the control sample except for a two-inch coating of BallistiCrete plaster hand-troweled over the inside drywall.

After shooting the standard wall with only small caliber handguns, 9mm and .40 caliber, it was evident all bullets passed through with killing power. Forty-two bullets from an arsenal of guns and rifles were then fired into the identical wall with BallistiCrete coatings from a distance of 25 yards. The weaponry used included a semi-automatic 9mm, a .40 caliber gun, a .45 magnum, a jolting .50 caliber Desert Eagle handgun, an AK-47, and an Uzzi fully automatic machine gun. Test results indicated that a two-inch thickness of BallistiCrete, applied to the interior surface, offers superior bullet resistance.

Similar results were obtained with a nine-inch thick cinder-block wall coated on the outside with regular stucco. The half of the interior side coated with BallistiCrete stopped all bullets including AK-47 rounds. The other uncoated half showed clean bullet holes with large sections blown out on the interior side.

Mr. Dennis continued, “Our BallistiCrete coating is just one of several revolutionary ‘green’ coatings we manufacture. It is fireproof and waterproof, as well as impact resistant. We see critical uses for it in schools, police stations, military facilities, retail stores, filling stations, banks, embassies, restaurants and homes. Alas, it’s a dangerous world. This is a product whose time has come.”

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