This Week is National Police Week

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This third week of May is National Police Week and Comedy Driving wishes to express gratitude to all the officers throughout our nation. Citizens in our great country should offer their appreciation to all officers and honor them by adhering to these driving guidelines while on the road to aid in keeping the officers safe as they protect and serve.

Defensive driving Texas courses teach students that when driving it is extremely important to be aware of surroundings and constantly be alert for emergency vehicles that may be approaching. This facilitates quick passage for all emergency vehicles and thus expedites their service. Motorists’ natural reaction should be to slow down and if possible move to the shoulder of the road to clear a path. Blocking the road poses hazards and it slows the vehicles down and elongates their response time to the location they are trying to reach. Also, if the emergency vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed, motorists pose a possible collision threat. Always move out of an emergency vehicles way, remember, it’s the law.

A basic rule to follow when an emergency vehicle approaches is not to panic. In some instances due to panic we tend to make rash and unsafe decisions such as racing ahead to make the green light, quickly turning before the emergency vehicle gets there or driving through a red light or stop sign. This should not be done as it could result in an accident. Make sure to pull to the right to the shoulder if possible and come to a complete stop to allow the emergency vehicle or officer to pass by safely. Do not stop in the middle lane if it is possible to move to the right. Drivers that are in the left lane should find a way to veer over into the right lane as traffic in that lane moves over. Once the emergency vehicle has passed through it is illegal to begin following the emergency vehicle to skip through traffic. Drivers should stay at least 500 feet behind emergency vehicles. Again, this is the law.

Another very important note to be aware of is that it is essential to be able to hear when an emergency vehicle is approaching. It is not wise to play a car radio so loudly that it prevents the driver or others in the vehicle to hear sirens. Drivers must always be aware of their surroundings and hearing plays a vital role.

Comedy Driving, Inc. would also like to inform the general public that almost every state in the U.S. has laws which require all motorists to reduce their speed and move over to the lane furthest from the shoulder, for a road with more than two lanes traveling in the same direction, if there is an emergency vehicle with their lights flashing on the shoulder. Do not disregard the presence of an emergency vehicle by continuing to drive at the posted speed.

Motorist’s actions will allow for the driver of the emergency vehicle to anticipate how to maneuver through vehicles on the roadway. Every second is vital for ambulances and police cars, so assisting in reducing their time of arrival to their destination can increase the possibility of a positive outcome.

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