Nex Flow Air Products Corp Introduces the Nex Flow Sub Zero Vortex Tool Cooling Mist System Kit

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Reduces Coolant Consumption And Improves Machining Productivity And Quality –Complete Kit For Easy Installation

Tool cooling system

Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Sub Zero Vortex™ Tool Cooling Mist System

The “NEW” Nex Flow Frigid-X Sub Zero Vortex Tool Cooling Mist System Kit, is a unique patent pending mist unit designed to improve machining operations requiring cooling and/or lubrication when dry machining cannot be used alone. Unlike mist systems that supply liquid which is not cooled, or more costly systems that cool the liquid, the simple design of the Sub Zero Vortex Tool Cooling Mist System, supplies and cools the liquid to as low as 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) using a small vortex tube without any additional pumping system. The result is a low cost system that supplies cold liquid reducing the mist volume by as much as 20%, thus enhancing the environment and safety and reducing the cost of coolant or lubricant.

Liquid is cooled by means of a small vortex tube that uses only 5 SCFM (142 SLPM) at a maximum of 50 psig (3.5 bar). An adjusting screw controls the level of mist required. A heavy duty removable magnet secures the unit onto a machine. The magnet can be removed and the mounting holes may be used to instead. No electrical components, no expensive pumps or moving parts except for the adjusting screw assures long life and maintenance free operation. Kit includes the Frigid-X Sub Zero Vortex Tool Cooling Mist System, shut off valve, regulator with gauge and manual water removal filter.

Sub-Zero Vortex Advantages:

  •     No electricity required – simplicity in design
  •     low cost
  •     reduces coolant/lubricant cost using by less fluid
  •     improves safety with less mist
  •     no moving parts except for an adjusting screw for the fluid
  •     small and lightweight, portable
  •     maintenance free operation

Sub-Zero Vortex Applications:

  •     Solid Carbide End Mills
  •     Wherever lubrication is required in machining
  •     When cooling is required beyond the capability of cold air alone

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