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7 May 2013 marked World Asthma Day. To celebrate it, we at HomeServe created some tips to help sufferers tackle cleaning with confidence.

7 May 2013 marked World Asthma Day. To celebrate it, we at HomeServe created some tips to help sufferers tackle cleaning with confidence.

1. Make your bedroom a mite free haven

Consider investing in mite proof pillows and mattress covers. You’ll have to pay the initial cost for all of your bedrooms, but this is an investment that should help to reduce your reaction to dust mites. You can also help to reduce your reaction to any dust mites by washing your sheets, pillowcases and blankets on a weekly basis at a higher temperature than your clothes.

2. Don’t just spring clean

If you have mould and condensation in your home, make it a priority to clean this on a regular basis. To reduce the risk of triggering off any allergies, you should wear a protective mask to clean away mould. Once you’ve cleaned the area affected by mould to prevent it from reoccurring, try and keep rooms such as your bathroom or bedroom well ventilated at all times.

Make the smaller jobs such as dusting a part of regular your cleaning regime. Where possible, store items away that collect dust.

3. Avoid bad smells in your home

Make your health a priority in your home. Avoid strong smells that can linger in your home and on your fabrics. For example, if you don’t smoke, try to avoid letting others smoke in your home. If you do want to remove any strong smells onions make fantastic odour eliminators. Try cutting a white onion in half and leave it on the side for a couple of nights and the onion will absorb any bad smells.

4. Go Natural

Choose environmentally friendly, organic or homemade cleaning products to keep your home clean. Items such as bicarbonate of soda or vinegar are good for cleaning your kitchen countertops, inside your fridge and your appliances. Bicarbonate of soda is known for its stain removing properties and can be used widely in the home. For example, you can clean your oven by mixing bicarbonate of soda with a little water to create a paste. Ensure the oven is switched off and smear the paste inside and on the inside of the oven door. Leave for a few hours or overnight to remove all grime. Wipe off with a damp cloth for a sparkling clean oven.

5. Choose a home interior to suit you

Carpet in all of your rooms might hide away dust mites that could trigger allergies in asthma sufferers. Where possible, try choosing flooring alternatives such as hard wood flooring or linoleum. If you aren’t able to do this try to regularly shampoo your carpet or even better steam clean it to keep it fresh and mite free.

HomeServe also offers insurance cover for plumbing, drains, electrical wiring and gas central heating.

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