Leading Commercial FOIA Processing Solution Now Providing Online FOIA Web Portal at No Additional Charge to Over 200 Government Customers

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New FOIAXpress Version from AINS will include a FOIA web portal for the public to more easily submit, track and receive FOIA requests from agencies.

AINS Inc. announced Tuesday that the upcoming version release of its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) processing software, http://www.foiaxpress.com FOIAXpress , will include a public-facing web portal at no additional charge to FOIAXpress users, in order to facilitate government transparency and modernize the FOIA requester experience.

For over twelve years, FOIAXpress has been the leading commercial off-the-shelf FOIA processing solution in use by the federal government, with over 200 installations at federal government departments, agencies, and offices. FOIAXpress electronically automates FOIA request processing and helps agencies with FOIA request compliance, backlog reduction, and the Annual Department of Justice FOIA Report and the Chief FOIA Officer’s Report. PAL Web Portal was first created by AINS in 2006 to help agencies meet the new Executive Order 13,392 requirements for improving electronic FOIA interactions with the public.

PAL Web Portal is a public-facing online portal by which requesters can easily submit requests, correspond with the responsive agency, check the status of a request, receive their final documents, and access a number of dashboard presentations on the overall FOIA agency’s status (such as the number of open requests and number of requests received). PAL Web Portal also provides an electronic reading room on which agencies can proactively post frequently requested documents. PAL Web Portal’s total integration with FOIAXpress provides increased request processing efficiency because requests submitted via PAL Web Portal automatically create cases within FOIAXpress and auto-populate relevant data.

Current PAL Web Portal customers include the https://efoia-pal.usda.gov/palMain.aspx U.S. Department of Agriculture , the https://hudpal.efoia-host.com/palMain.aspx U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development , https://foia-pal.occ.gov/palMain.aspx OCC Treasury , and the https://www.efoia.af.mil/palMain.aspx U.S. Air Force.

As a long-standing facilitator of FOIA, AINS has made the decision to now provide PAL Web Portal to the government at no additional cost because of the widely recognized need for a web-friendly means of offering government records in order to keep up with the American public’s growing reliance on the Internet to search for and find information. The goal is to help agencies streamline their FOIA request processes and make it as electronic and efficient as possible, which in turn will drive down FOIA operational costs and speed request turnaround times.

“A FOIA web portal for every agency is the next logical step in the evolution of FOIA business processes. As a company committed to the FOIA community and the government, AINS wants to provide the best possible FOIA solutions at a time of fiscal constraint and sequestration within the government market space,” says Deryck Weaver, AINS Vice President of Sales.

Building on the announcement that AINS will be providing an online web portal for each government customer at no additional charge with Version 9 of FOIAXpress, AINS also announces the future creation of the “PublicFOIA.com” website. To further advance our commitment to the FOIA community, AINS will be providing PublicFOIA.com at no cost to the government.

This website will provide “one stop shopping” for FOIA requesters who will be able to find the appropriate agency for their FOIA submission in one place. PublicFOIA.com will link to each agency’s deployment of PAL Web Portal; for requesters, this will provide the ease of a central submission location, while agencies will still be able to maintain individual portals with customized “look and feel” and submission criteria. A future version of PublicFOIA.com will also provide forms to be emailed to the appropriate contact at non-FOIAXpress customer agencies.

About AINS: For over 20 years AINS has specialized in innovative solutions for Enterprise Information Management (EIM). AINS has developed a family of advanced COTS products for advanced dynamic case management, correspondence management, with integrated document and records management, eFOIA processing, and related scanning and redaction functions. In addition to offering PAL Web Portal at no charge, the latest version of our FOIAXpress software will also offer an integrated “Advanced Document Review” module that leverages eDiscovery technology to search, group, and de-dupe documents and emails relevant to a FOIA request.

Contact: Deryck Weaver, dweaver(at)ains(dot)com, 301-670-2354.

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