Many of World’s Religious Problems Could be Resolved by Molecular and Atomic Testing on the Shroud of Turin

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Monograph Publishing: Religious beliefs have caused more conflicts, hatred and war than any other factor in the history of mankind, with the number of conflicts and their potential for nuclear destruction increasing at an alarming rate. Shroud of Turin expert, Mark Antonacci, contends that scientific information acquired by modern technology could lessen or eliminate this historic problem.

Molecular and Sub-atomic testing of the Shroud of Turin could provide thousands of unfakable items of scientific and medical evidence to prove the central premises of Christianity.

A wide variety of religions exist throughout the world today as they have throughout history. The reason there has always been such a wide variety is because there has never been objective and independent evidence to support the central premises of these religions. Until now. The application of molecular and atomic testing to the cloth which reputedly wrapped Jesus’ tortured, crucified, dead body at the moment of his resurrection, could finally obtain that irrefutable evidence.

To date, thousands of scientific tests and experiments have been performed on the Shroud of Turin, almost all of which support the conclusion that this unique cloth is Christ’s burial garment. Only one scientific result, its medieval radiocarbon dating, is inconsistent with this conclusion, yet it is the one that has shaped the world’s opinion about the Shroud’s authenticity. This aberrant dating has recently been challenged by scientists at the University of Padua in Italy who obtained an average date of 33 B.C. +/- 250 years using three different methods to date fibers from the Shroud.

Molecular and atomic testing of this famous burial cloth and its blood marks could easily refute this radiocarbon dating allowing the public to consider the extensive and unprecedented scientific evidence previously acquired from the Shroud in the last 35 years. The unique information acquired from this new technology could also reveal the cause of the Shroud’s unprecedented images, if they were caused by radiation, if the tortured, crucified body was the source of the radiation, and if a miraculous event, consistent with the resurrection, occurred to the dead body wrapped within it.

The large quantity of existing evidence, combined with evidence gathered by molecular and atomic testing, could yield thousands of items of evidence to prove these points. The vast majority of this evidence could not have occurred naturally or have been forged. This evidence could not only independently confirm every element of the passion, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of the historical Jesus Christ, but confirm the date, identity, location and other circumstances of these events. It could even add insight into how these events occurred. If, in fact, these events occurred, they were unquestionably the most significant events in human history, and they relate to every individual no matter where or in what generation they live(d).

A leading hypothesis published in Scientific Research and Essays in 2012 asserts that particle radiation was emitted from the length and width of Jesus’ dead body while he was wrapped in the Shroud, and it was this “event” which caused the unique images on the cloth. Molecular and atomic testing could prove that hypothesis to be true. If, on the other hand, it did not provide such proof, it would not mean that the Shroud is a fake - it would simply mean that this particular hypothesis is incorrect. If unfakable and independent evidence was obtained to confirm this hypothesis however, it could actually be used to analyze the central premises of various religions throughout history and in our world today.

Objective and independent evidence does not exist to prove the central premises of any other religion, agnosticism or atheism. In contrast, the Shroud of Turin could provide thousands of unfakable items of scientific and medical evidence to prove the central premises of Christianity. This new, incomparable evidence could lessen or remove the underlying bases for many of the world’s ongoing wars and conflicts. The world has everything to gain and nothing to lose by the proposed molecular and atomic testing of the Shroud of Turin.

Antonacci is currently petitioning Pope Francis, who has a masters degree in chemistry, to allow further, non-invasive testing of this burial cloth. To sign the petition, read about the proposed testing, the above hypothesis, or for more information on the Shroud of Turin, visit For additional information, Antonacci’s first book, “The Resurrection of the Shroud,” is available at His second book, "Irrefutable Evidence” will be released in 2014.

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