New AirFloss Product Offers Oral Hygiene Innovation, Dental Professional Warren Melamed Comments

While reports suggest that traditional string flossing is most effective, the new Philips AirFloss may help some consumers break into the habit. Dentist Warren Melamed offers his thought on this product.

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Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

Along with most every other dentist in the United States, Warren Melamed has remained a fervent proponent of regular oral hygiene, encouraging all of his patients to engage in appropriate brushing and flossing twice a day. While these recommendations are commonplace throughout the world, Melamed notes that current rates of tooth decay reveal that most adults and children are not receiving the message. As such, he explains that many patients must find a new way to break into the practice of flossing to help reinforce dental hygiene.

According to a recent article from DVICE, the Philips AirFloss—priced around $80—offers an alternative to string-floss that is not as “messy” as other water-based flossing tools. The article explains, “Philips aims to make flossing simpler and faster so people bear with it for the sake of their oral hygiene. Perhaps some might even look forward to it…With the click of a button, the AirFloss propels pressurized air and water between teeth to dislodge food debris and remove plaque. The angled nozzle, which glides along the gum line, helps you reach the back of teeth without having to jam your fingers in your mouth. All in all, the process takes roughly a minute.”

While the innovation may spark interest among consumers, and even encourage them to take up flossing, Warren Melamed explains that it is important for all patients to understand that the AirFloss is not necessarily better than traditional string flossing. The DVICE review adds, “While convenient, the AirFloss does come with a set of limitations. The microbursts are powerful enough to remove leftover food particles in between teeth, but it isn't perfect, especially with larger stubborn debris. Furthermore, since the power is focused primarily on the gum line, particles farther away can continue to linger.”

Warren Melamed responds, “There are many reasons why people do not take up interest in flossing. Even those who are committed to using mouthwash and brushing their teeth on a regular basis sometimes find that it is too hard to control the string. Others are simply just too lazy and forget. The AirFloss may make a positive difference in helping people realize the advantages of regular flossing, but it is certainly not a substitute for traditional products.”

Instead of opting for the AirFloss device, Warren Melamed encourages those who are apprehensive to floss to discuss proper string-flossing technique with their dental care provider for a more satisfying experience.


Warren Melamed is a noted dental professional who is known for his work as the CEO and President of Oral Health Management—a Tennessee-based LLC. He is also recognized for founding Monarch Dental in Dallas, Texas—an organization that went public in 1997 and allowed Melamed to take on several roles as Chairman, President and Chief Dental Officer. Although Warren Melamed has made considerable contributions to the health and dental care industry, he is also noted for maintaining charity as a priority and has made numerous efforts to give back to the community through various capacities.


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