National Collector’s Mint Highlights Semi-Numismatic Coin Trends

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National Collector’s Mint comments on a recent Coin Week article, highlighting semi-numismatic coin sales.

Coin collectors refer to ultra-rare pieces, with high monetary and historical values, as “numismatic” coins—but according to National Collector’s Mint, coin enthusiasts also benefit from snatching up semi-numismatic coins. To illustrate its point, the company points to a recent article from Coin Week, which elaborates on the concept of semi-numismatic coin collecting. According to the article, semi-numismatic coins are precious metal coins, primarily bullion ones that have low mintages yet sell for relatively small premiums. Not only are such coins historically significant, and usually easier to obtain than truly numismatic coins, but they also provide collectors with a good way to acquire appreciable quantities of gold and silver. National Collector’s Mint has released a new statement to the press, commenting on this Coin Week article and on the semi-numismatic collection trend more generally.

“It is certainly prudent for coin collectors to know that there are plenty of ways to acquire valuable and historically interesting pieces, beyond the high-priced and ultra-rare items that tend to get all the attention at auctions and coin shows,” the company opines, in its press statement. “For those new to coin collecting, in particular, semi-numismatic pieces are well worth seeking out, as are collectible and commemorative coins.”

The Coin Week article continues by offering some specific examples of semi-numismatic coins that collectors might seek. Common-date pre-1933 gold coins are listed as coins that “carry relatively low premiums over melt value.” Modern world coins from countries like Australia, China, and Mexico are also cited. These countries all issue limited-mintage coins that become harder to find over time, the article notes.

In particular, the article suggest, Chines gold Pandas and Mexican gold Libertads include many coins that sell for substantial premiums, years following their minting. Coin Week says these coins are reasonably priced today, but stand to increase in value significantly down the road.

“Coins like these are great for novice collectors, and even for those who are simply looking to acquire gold and silver,” concludes National Collector’s Mint. “It is little wonder that semi-numismatics are becoming such popular options.”

National Collector’s Mint is an internationally esteemed coin and collectibles company, founded in 1994 and known for its high-quality, historically-significant coins and collectibles.


National Collector’s Mint, Inc. is an internationally respected coin and collectibles company, headquartered in Port Chester, New York. The company was founded in 1994, and since then has grown from a two-person operation into an enterprise of almost 50 employees. The company’s Board of Advisors includes former U.S. Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr. and Angela Marie (Bay) Buchanan, the 37th Treasurer of the United States. National Collector’s Mint is not affiliated with the U.S. Treasury Department but is one of the largest private direct to consumer coin sellers in the nation. National Collector's Mint is well-regarded for its high-quality commemorative coins and collectibles, always designed to meet the highest standards of quality and often including fine, precious metals. The company is known to coin collectors throughout the world.

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